It’s not often you read a rapper’s blog and find a quote from William Faulkner. Or a critique of the new Harper’s Bazaar cover. But then again, it’s not often you come across a rapper as original as RAtheMC. In addition to being a well-read fashionista, RAtheMC is also a vintage hip hop connoisseur and a fearless freestyler and cipher participant (one video clip on her MySpace page shows her throwing down with Asher Roth egging her on from the sidelines.) Her sinister swerve recalls Missy Elliott and Lauryn Hill, whether she’s spitting lyrics about discovering her boyfriend is bisexual in her remake of Biz Markie’s Just a Friend or declaring Music be my first love / Maybe he my second in the byzantine What Else.

Probably RA’s strongest musical showing to date is her song Nikki Boy, a collaboration with noted DC producer, Judah. Nikki Boy plays off of Toni Basil’s campy hit Hey Mickey, but transforms it into a bouncing dance single that approaches the hip-pop confection of Hey Ya. It’s definitely catchier than Faulkner.