Friday Flow: "I Dream Of" By Minus A Few

OSBlog02_FridayFlow_MASTEREvery Friday on the OurStage blog, I’ll be featuring a great example of flow and lyricism on a hip hop song pulled from the OurStage ranks. I’ll get the artist’s thoughts on the track, as well as post the lyrics or best verse so fans can follow the flow themselves.

Minus a Few consists of three Georgia emcees who are hell-bent on rewriting the hip hop lore of present days, taking it back to the old school. Reminiscent of acts like Atmosphere, Minus a Few tackle a wide variety of subjects with focused lyricism and smooth as silk delivery. This week’s Friday Flow highlights their track “I Dream Of,” the song that speaks most to what Minus a Few are all about.

Always dreaming, Amorphouz and Open of Minus a Few

Always dreaming: Amorphouz and Open of Minus a Few

The song “I Dream Of” was written in 2006. The track was produced by Ings. The main idea behind the song was to capture a distinct picture of where we were as individuals, at that point in our lives, then tie it together within the bigger picture of where we were in our music career as a group. The track is one part nostalgic, one part misery, and lastly it’s hopeful. It’s about dreams as well reality and where the two meet. “I Dream Of” was the first step in taking our music into a realm of realness that allowed us to be unabashedly honest as artists. Jacob’s verse details his struggles as a high school drop out and being deeply in debt. He talks of the pressures that lie in trying to succeed in music. My verse starts out reflecting on how I became infatuated with hip hop. By verse’s end I’m wondering if it’s a dream worth pursuing anymore and where would I be if I had never began the journey.

Intro (Open and Amorphouz telephone conversation)

1st Verse (Open)
I remember when we used to think we would blow up and be
Known to the world as the dopest emcees
But then I turn around and I notice that we
Were grown but still home and broke as can be
And me I got kicked outta school
And I owe about a G so I’m bout to have to move
Outta the GA so replay the last five years
I would behave and recreate the past five years
I would change up the events and then the crowd might cheer
But there ain’t no way to get back the last five years
(Years) no sir and time it won’t budge
These lines are so rigid and they won’t slow up
Life’s a bitch the minute that she gets in your bed
You living about a minute and then in a couple of minutes you’re dead
And with that said I think it’s time to move on
Because I’m old and I’m tired and I been rhyming too long
Trying to find a new song trying to get up outta rhymin
Cause ain’t a thing change round here except the climate
The climate is climbing and falling in the winter
Can’t even see sunrise right around December
So, why kick the embers of a passion for rapping
When the passion is absent I stop rapping

4 Bar Break (Stop rapping)

Open (Cont.)
I couldn’t stop rapping even if I tried
All the meaning that’s inside would whither away and die
Filter through pages I’ve lived a life inside of a rhyme book
that all of Society would never find
and yes it get trying at times Trying to survive
working nine to five turn around five to nine
and will I get signed, or will I be able to pay all of my bills on time
I’m really just all out of options besides the ability to thrive
And if you still try to step in the way of me getting mine
I’m not gonna slide to the side roll over and just die
Man f*** dying I’m trying to provide you with line after line
Of a motivational vibe from time after time
Tell the haters and naysayers that I have arrived
With five guys marching in a line right behind
In the limelight it’s the blind leading the blind
But I’ve been meaning to find the time to find the meaning of rhyme

(Beat fades out, fades in)

2nd Verse (Amorphouz)
Let’s take it back to rap basics, back to Raf’s basement
Backwards caps, pants that sagged and phat laces
Tracks on wax played and scratched as hands waved
The dance crave was breaking, graphers tagged paint on
The side of (trains), when the cipher (reigned)
when a young boy never knew that life would (change)
to my dreams my blood, sweat, and tears
when I need my friends but ain’t none of here
every minute I flow, I’m giving my soul
so im living every minute to begin to die slow
eyes closed, and the casket is shut
wait a minute, where’s Jason, what happened to flux?
Does Redd even know we’re all dead and gone
Will he make it back to Georgia in time to perform
that used to be the dream I knew we’d be the stars
of tomorrow, who would think the crew would be apart
at a time like this, it flies by quick
and Im unsigned nobody tryna buy my disc
seeing strangers in the street thinking Im paid
cuz I made a cd doesn’t mean that I stay (in a mansion)
I ain’t never chilled in the Hamptons
I lived in an abandoned building on a mattress
this is real, it’s the life that I live
ain’t no white picket fences outside of my crib
I mean it, no I’m not Leaving the house
Still working odd jobs, still sleeping on the couch
Let the beat fade out, when it fades back in
Atmosphere’s Lucy Ford is what I played back then
Remember rock the horns, sage francis
primal rage, remember when we made that shit
I can see it all like it was yesterday
When everybody moved on and they left the stage
Now Im here all alone tryna estimate
How much time I have lost and expect to wait
Put the pencil down, now that the book’s finished
Hit the ground running, look back like good riddance
And Start a new Chapter in life
If I could take it back Before I first rapped on the mic
(Fade Out)