Country Catch: Sam Chase

OSBlog02_CountryCatch_MASTERWith a name like Chase, he better run fast because soon enough everyone will be on the tail of this talented singer-songwriter. Boston’s Sam Chase is a crooner, writer, producer and guitarist whose originality is garnering huge success on OurStage. His melodic voice and introspective lyrics are perking up the ears of all those who hear this talent. Having earned invaluable knowledge and a knack for producing at Berklee College of Music, Sam independently recorded and produced his debut album Songs for Someone which showcases his refined his song-writing skills.

One particular song that seems to be catching people’s attention is Chase’s OurStage hit “Nebraska.” In it, his undeniable guitar talent shines through as his fingers effortlessly fly over the strings. His voice and lyrics are the perfect accompaniment to make this tribute to that special someone mentioned in his album title truly genuine. Fire up your engines and get ready for a hot pursuit because this is one fast-rising star! Catch him while you can by checking out his fanclub!