The Most Important Meal

Mad June

A band can spring forth from any number of scenarios”a successful one-off collaboration, approaching a musician after a gig, just goofing off with some friends ¦ the smell of toast. So goes the genesis story of Mad June, a band of four women from Montreal who decided to form a band over breakfast. Leaving sunshine and comfort in the kitchen, the band’s songcraft revolves around brooding, stylized rock. On Here Again, slinky basslines, rolling drums and the low gulp of guitar create a tempest of confusion and doubt. The sinister Polaroid tackles the media’s skewed perception of beauty with urgent, angular pangs”a moody little rocker redolent of Blonde Redhead. If you need a break from the brooding, skip to 24”an up-tempo, coursing number about love gone awry”or The Stranger Ones, where the band puts a Benatar-esque spin on youth in revolt. Just make sure you give November a listen. Manic and playful with a catchy chorus that turns a nice Figure 8”that song alone makes you wish more people would eat toast together.