Psychic Strums

Sara Swenson

Sometimes it takes another person to point out something about yourself that you’re unaware of. In the case of Kansas City native Sara Swenson, that other person was a clerk in a guitar shop and that something was singer-songwriter. Swenson wasn’t one at the time, but took it as a challenge and began to write and perform. A few years later in 2009, she was dubbed Kansas City’s Singer-Songwriter of the Year. This doesn’t make that guitar clerk a soothsayer, just a great listener. Swenson’s talent is audible with just a few strums of her guitar, as her new single, Be Not Far, demonstrates. Spare, bluesy and terrifically romantic, the track shows off the gentle husk of her singing. A pedal steel drifts around low strums of acoustic guitar, adding a bright counterpoint to the quietude. Although warmth and calm prevail throughout the song, when Swenson’s voice lilts up into a higher register towards the end, you may get chills. This doesn’t make Swenson some sort of supernatural force, just a great singer-songwriter.