Check Baby, Check Baby

Mike Check

Mike Check started his career in music behind the kit, eventually trading sticks for a pen and becoming a songwriter. Turns out it was a good swap. Today Check is one of New York’s up-and-coming MCs, firing up audiences with fervent lyrics about anything from crime and poverty to Christian Laettner. On the bubbling, synth-driven Mega Man Check details his A-game with the ladies, promising to fade away like Laettner after its over. The mood gets heavier on My Back Yard, a lyrical tour of NYC set to a sample of Benny Mardones’ Into the Night. From Fifth Avenue to Ground Zero, Jamaica Queens, South Bronx and Brooklyn, Check explores the worlds of the haves and have-nots. The rapper’s fierce determination to move out of the latter category is on display in For the Rush, an adrenaline-filled banger about owning the audience. Every time I close my eyes never seen another dream, he spits, like New York’s version of Jimmy B-Rabbit Smith. If it’s true you gotta lose yourself in the music to really make it, Mike Check is well on his way.

“For the Rush” – Mike Check