Press Shuffle: Songs To Be Rebellious To

Punk rarely introduces itself. And it’s not like it needs an introduction (although, if you’d like one, we’ve got just the place for you to do so): this controversial culture has been touted as the voice of the anti-authoritarian youth since the ’70s and its cultural significance is undeniable. Since then, it has been adapted and transformed through its contact with other styles of music and ideologies, proliferating into dozens of subcultures, each with their unique blend of, let’s say, unrefined rock. Regardless of the musical and stylistic changes the genre has experienced throughout the years, punks have always been aggressive, dogmatic and eternally misunderstood for their unconventional lifestyle (not to mention questionable fashion choices). Love it or hate it, the music is here, doesn’t care what you think and is rearing to rock your socks off.

Bobot Adrenaline - YOU'RE MOSHING

Dumb Bomb” – Bobot Adrenaline: Short, sweet, and to the point. This is punk rock at its purest. One of the finest tracks in the OurStage Punk Channel.

Pieces of Four” – Sinister Trailerpark Magic: This trio of Canadian siblings brings to the genre a quality often overlooked in punk: good songwriting. Their songs usually clock more than than your typical punk track, but keep the listener involved with their eclectic style.

Personality Overload” – The Beat Seekers: In a sea of over-produced pop-punk songs, “Personality Overload” provides a balance between catchy and gritty that is infectious.

Gasoline Whiskey” – The Boston Thieves: Reminiscent of early Mí¶torhead, this band (interestingly from Chicago, considering their name) bring the speed and energy that get your blood pumping. If they need a song that will get people going at a concert, then here they have it.

See You In Hell” – The Resignators: Ska revival is one of those sub genres that will never die. It’s too much fun for us to let it go!

Kill The Youth” – Our Future Leaders: Even with a compressor smashing this song to a flat mush, it manages to blaze its way into our head. This proves that music comes first and will always shine. Also, lo-fi punk? YES PLEASE!

My Pint” – The Bastard Suns: Recipe for a sick punk anthem: play fast, play furious/write about hanging out with the bros and having a good time/mix with a few pints of alcohol/add gang vocals to taste.

Have any tunes in particular that you care to share? Disagree with any of the picks? Want a theme in particular to be Shuffled? Let us know by dropping a comment!

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