Fight Night

Flagstaff, Arizona’s Fight The Quiet has a long list of influences, from Death Can For Cutie to Foo Fighters to Guns ˜N Roses. You can catch snippets of all of them in the band’s fervent rock. There’s the gnarly guitar solo of Sway that tips its top hat to Slash, and the motivational artillery of This Is The Moment that follows the earnest, post-punk footsteps of alternative bands like Jimmy Eat World. You might think these influences are strange bedfellows, but what holds them all together is Fight The Quiet’s tenderhearted take on what it means to kick ass. Guitars chug and charge through banks of distortion, drums thrash, unrest creeps in”but as intense as things can get, the band always wears its heart on its sleeve. It’s hard to pull off lyrics like Living without you / That ain’t living at all while still maintaining your edge. But Fight The Quiet does it, and does it well.