FREE DOWNLOAD: Needle In The Haystack Rie Sinclair

This week’s Needle In The Haystack free download from Rie Sinclair is the stuff soundtracks are made of. After all, Rie is no stranger to making on-screen magic, writing songs for shows like Vampire Diaries and Californication and even scoring an Emmy nom. “The Way It Ends” is the exact song you’d picture at the pivotal turning point, you can easily imagine a zoomed-in shot of the hero making the decision to do something daring. Somehow Rie’s delicate, coquettish vocals match perfectly with powerful crunchy guitars and defining drums, elating the listener, leaving them reminiscing about the last scene, all while indeed wondering how it ends.

Check out Rie’s song “(Lover) What’s Going On” used in the CW’s Vampire Diaries promo, and download “The Way It Ends” below.