Melting The Heart

Erin Ivey

Fans are empirical proof of an artist’s allure. But fans who are willing to finance an album signify a draw that’s more powerful than average. Seconds into hearing Erin Ivey sing, you’ll understand why so many of her followers were willing to cough up some coin to help her latest record, Broken Gold, see the light of day. The singer-songwriter delivers beauty and adventure in equal measure. Bestowed with a high, feathery coo that caresses each note, Ivey often sounds more like a Parisienne chanteuse than a folk singer based in Texas hill country. Chocolate begins with the assertive strum of guitar, building only slightly with the twinkle of xylophone and tiptoeing pizzicato strings. Sparse and intimate, the love song likens Ivey’s sweetheart to a confection that leaves her wanting more. I can never have just one, she sings. We know the feeling. A single serving from Ivey will leave you craving seconds of the folk singer’s sweet songcraft.