Girl Jam

Portia Monique

Because Seattle is all but synonymous with grunge and alternative rock, its other schools of music sometimes have an uphill battle for national recognition. You might not ever read about Seattle’s neo-pop soul movement stealing the flannel throne, but you could very well read about the rise of one of its practitioners”Portia Monique. Monique takes R&B and gives it a forward-thinking hip hop edge. She’s blessed with a voice that can be feather light (see the dreamy piano ballad, Get To Know You, which was written and recorded in one sitting) or soulful, strong and limber. Midnight Thoughts starts with a fluttering beat, then adds layers and layers of vocals and textures, taking the listener through the twists and turns of a restless mind. The mood lightens on the percussive, synthy I’m Not Your Girl, where Monique echoes the sentiment of Lady Gaga’s Telephone. The girl has talent, and all we can say is, here we are now. Entertain us.

“Midnight Thoughts” – Portia Monique