Casey Desmond Vs. Lady Gaga

The biggest superstars in the history of music all have a distinct image. Of course, we all know that great talent (usually) leads to success as an artist, but having a unique and recognizable image is what takes an artist from being unknown to being a superstar. For example, before she became a worldwide icon known as Lady Gaga, Stefani Germonatta was fronting a rock band and performing in bars in New York City’s Lower East Side. After achieving little success, she transformed her image into the Lady Gaga persona, and the rest is history. And here at OurStage we have our very own superstar in the making, Casey Desmond.

OurStage's Casey Desmond

Lady Gaga











You may already know Casey as a contestant on NBC’s hit show The Voice, where Maroon 5’s lead singer Adam Levine selected her to be on his team. The first thing you will notice about Casey is her crazy and unique fashion sense. However, while Lady Gaga seems to wear things just for the sake of being ridiculous, Casey’s style is more like an extension of her music. Sporting bright red hair, she wears lots of fluorescent blues, purples and greens, and looks like she might have traveled back in time from the future. This futuristic look fits with her synth pop perfectly, and it provides a great visual component to her music.

And unlike many of today’s pop stars, Casey actually writes her own music in addition to playing a lot of the instruments in the studio” guitar, piano, synthesizers, and omnichord among others. Her single “Rendezvous” is a perfect example of why we could be seeing Casey in the Top 40 charts soon. The song’s fast tempo and driving drums make it an ideal dance song, and a barrage of synthesizers provide the song with a catchy melody. But the real star of the show here is Casey’s voice. Her voice is powerful and natural sounding at the same time, and she exhibits a pretty remarkable vocal range. During the verses of the song, her voice is in a fairly low to middle range, but for the chorus she sings much higher notes but still manages to stay in tune.

Casey is also a force to be reckoned with when performing live, as evidenced in her live video for “Loose Ends”. During the performance, Casey is backed by live instruments which adds a ton of energy. She is also able to sing both well and in tune while performing live, a feat that many pop singers cannot accomplish. With a commanding stage presence, Casey moves around the stage with a sense of purpose, using the space to her advantage. When she gets up close and personal with the crowd, you can even hear screams of approval from the fans. Casey has the perfect combination of talent and style to make it big, so don’t be surprised when you hear her on you favorite Top 40 radio station.

Casey Desmond has a new album coming soon, and you can download a short teaser for the album here.