Press Shuffle: Rock En Español

In western culture, rock music has been a culture-defining phenomenon for over half a century, yet the genre only came to prominence in Latin America during the mid-80’s. Fortunately, OurStage is host to a great variety of up-and-coming acts that draw their influences from all corners of Latin music. From the pop tinged new-wave sound of Soda Stereo to the heavier style of Ekhymosis, OurStage artists are keeping the spirit of Rock en Español alive and well.

Los Que Rezan

Un Dí­a Donde Nadie Nos Ve” – Los Que Rezan: Appealing to the more traditional crowd, “Un Dí­a Donde Nadie Nos Ve” is a song that could’ve been written in the early ’90s. Representing all that is Rock en Español at the end of the century, Los Que Rezan deserve their place on this list.

Silueta” – RHuM: Slightly swung and super rocking, this tune has energy to spare; the Mexican rockers are all about fun. When you’re listening to this song, you’ll find yourself bobbing your head along with the music. It’s addictive.

Veda” – Grannada: Driven by late-century alternative rock, Grannada bring hard-hitting riffs and a Cerati-reminiscing vocal melody from Panama. If your thing is hard rock, then this song is for you.

Diferentes” – Los Spectors: Lo-fi, feel-good indie rock like this has invaded the streets of Latin America in the last few years. Even if this style is mostly influenced by American and British indie rock acts, these bands make the music their own with strong lyrical content and relevant themes.

Pura Sangre” – Sick Porky: These Argentines play a style that is rare in their country. Slow tempos, deep, grooving riffs and a heavier sound are qualities that popular rock music stays away from, but Sick Porky has embraced it and produced an excellent sonic display for our enjoyment.

Quédate Aquí­” – Alein: Female-fronted modern rock has become a recent specialty of Latin America. These groups have been popping up everywhere from Argentina to Mexico, and Alein are proudly representing the style.

Run Away” – MET: Colombia has shown an affinity for English-singing rock bands, and have produced their fair share of successful acts in the last decade. MET is the latest addition to the group, and are a prime example of what pop rock is south of the border.

Have any tunes in particular that you care to share? Disagree with any of the picks? Want a theme in particular to be Shuffled? Let us know by dropping a comment!

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