Cool Like That


Drummers-turned-front men are a rare but illustrious lot. There’s Dave Grohl, Phil Collins, Iggy Pop and Bon Scott”all of whom left the kit behind to seduce audiences from the front of the stage. Singer-songwriter Brandon Husken spent twenty years on drums, playing for multiple bands in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Now, as a singer-songwriter and guitarist, he performs as Brae, crafting melodies with a Brit pop sensibility. Glistening guitars and piano permeate the glacial Planks and Haystacks, a song for restless, moonlit nights. Come Back has the same wintry feeling, delicate swaths of textures blow through like December winds, but Husken’s voice provides some embers to warm yourself. The sun comes out on the folksy Best Foot Froward, where Husken warns, Just because you put your best foot forward doesn’t mean you move in the right way. True, but we’re liking the direction this guy’s going.