Spirituality is a personal thing. Some people wear theirs on their sleeve, witnessing to anyone willing to listen. Others prefer to keep their religion between them and their god ¦ or gods ¦ or goddesses. You get the picture. Wesley Forte, a.k.a. Undergrad, is definitely a member of the first camp. Raised in the church, Forte kept to the straight and narrow, dedicating his life to his beliefs. As Undergrad, he funnels his ministry into pious hip-hop and R&B. On Man In The Mirror he declares he’s trying to build up the Lord’s turf while a female chorus provides the song’s soulful hook. Digital arpeggios rain down in What’s Your Mission as the rapper spits out witty lines like Is your mission to be like Microsoft and Excel? On the swaggering Spark The Dark things get more urgent. People selling their souls like retail / I gotta give glory to God. Preach on, preacher man.