Early Risers

AM to AM

AM to AM is led by Will Tendy, a guitarist/songwriter/producer/engineer who’s manned the sound board for indie luminaries like Melissa Auf der Maur and Morningwood. But his skills at the console are just one of the many reasons AM to AM sounds so good. Tendy”along with bandmates Sarah Goldstone, Jonathan Schmidt, Peter Recine, and Derek McWilliams”builds dynamic, swaggering rockers layer by layer. Spot of Light, with its rhythmic lashings and high falsetto soul, makes for a jagged dance party. There’s a lot going on here”stomping drums, bluesy guitars, choppy keys, and big digital swaths of fuzz. But Tendy’s production chops bring all the elements working together for the common good. Sew and Outline set forth gunfire guitars, pummeling drums, and polyrhythms for intense, stylized melees. But if you want a kinder kind of lashing, skip to Pop As Science and see how one of their bubblier melodies can still hurt so good.