We The Kings Survive 'The Hangover'-esque Kidnapping Attempt

If We The Kings weren’t rockstars before, they certainly are now.

During an interview with online talk show The Gunz Show, frontman Travis Clark recounted a tale of drugs, cultural exchange, and attempted kidnappings. Clark and the group had been touring through southern Asia and were playing a show in Malaysia. They had a driver and a van scheduled to take them to and from the venue for their show. After getting into a generic looking van that just said “We The Kings” on the side (travel mistake number one: just because a generic van has your band’s name on it doesn’t mean that you should get into it), the band was rushed to the venue relatively unscathed. It was only after the show that the real fun began.


He was driving 60mph over the speed limit. He pulled down the wrong offramp because he didn’t know where he was going, and instead of doing what a normal person would do and just trying to turn around, he started reversing on the onramp. People were swerving to avoid him. And he was trying to cover for himself like, Don’t worry about it man, this is normal driving over here, and anyway, I’ve been up for five days. I haven’t been able to sleep. And it was like, What, dude? You haven’t slept in five days? What’s wrong with you? And he was like, I don’t know man, there are some crazy drugs in the world.

There’s a good chance that We The Kings might not have been heard from again if not for a stroke of luck. At one point their maniacal driver decided to swerve over the median in the road and, in the process, cut off a cop. After bribing the officer, the van driver pulled into a parking structure, tossed his keys into the sewer, and took off running.


So we get out of the car and start walking back to the hotel, and the promoter was there at the hotel and he was like, What took you guys so long? And we were like, We got pulled over cause we had an asshole for a driver. We were really upset. And he was like, Sarah didn’t take you? And we were like, No, we didn’t see Sarah, we just saw a van that said We The Kings on it. Apparently we got into a car that had nothing to do with us.

Clark would go on to say that the experience was, “the craziest thing that has happened to us in our touring career.”

Check out a full transcript of the interview and the band’s harrowing ordeal here via Idobi.