A Muse For Muse: New Album Inspired By Skrillex

If you’ve seen the teaser trailer for the upcoming Muse album, you may have noticed that the band is going in a bit of a different direction than usual: dubstep.

Seeing as this has caused quite a commotion among fans, an explanation seems more than necessary. According to NME.com the guys in the band “were so inspired after watching a Skrillex gig, they penned the track ‘¦Unsustainable’,” featured on their forthcoming album and in the previously mentioned trailer. This may come as a shock to some, but if you really think about it, it’s not too far out there for the tech-heavy English modern rock band. Muse has always incorporated interesting effects, electronics, and breakdowns in their music, and since dubstep originated in England, it was only a matter of time before they applied some Skrill-esque concepts.

Of course, being the gear-heads they are, Matthew Bellamy and crew could not simply settle for just computer-generated sounds. They decided to “challenge the laptop. We created something that was dubsteppy, but we wanted to see if we could do it with real instruments. We wanted to ask, ‘Can rock bands compete with what these guys are doing?'”

Muses’s new album, entitled The 2nd Law, will be released on September 17.