Story Of The Year Members To Create Documentary About Music Industry

Hard rock band Story Of The Year‘s Ryan Phillips (lead guitarist) and Adam Russell (bassist) are planning to create a documentary called Who Killed (Or Saved!) The Music Industry?. The two band members have years of experience between them as film makers for music videos, documentaries, art films, and more, but now they are asking for your help to produce what may be the most important documentary of their careers to date. The duo plan to tackle to issue of our rapidly changing and deteriorating music industry by talking to bands, artists, producers, record labels, managers, and anyone else who has been affected by this dilemma. Their goal is to attempt to find answers to some of the industry’s biggest and most currently pressing questions by offering insite into the working class artist’s perspective. To learn more and donate to the funding of this project, head over to their Kickstarter. This is something that affects all of us music types, especially here at OurStage, and it would be really great to see this documentary come to fruition!

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