Thursday's Geoff Rickly Releases Solo Mixtape

Geoff Rickly, former frontman for New Jersey post-hardcore outfit Thursday has release a free mixtape of new lo-fi solo songs. He recorded the ambient, reverb-heavy tracks several weeks ago as Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, and the music sounds appropriately dark and somber. Though the mixtape is available for free download, Rickly has stated that this “doesn’t reflect my belief that music should be free or any desire to revolutionize an industry. I just want to do this myself, for now. No art-by-committee, no selling music. Just me & my friends at home, making songs (bedroom songs, songs not too polished up)” If fans are interested in paying money for the music, Rickly suggests that they donate to the Red Cross instead;┬áhe has been volunteering for the organization in the wake of the storm. You can catch Rickly at a house show in late November/early December or on tour with Anthony Green in December.

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