The Editorialist: 5 Songs To Wake Up To This Christmas

For as much chaos and stress as the holidays can sometimes bring, there’s a certain magic that comes along with this time of year. It may be cliché, but when those Christmas lights go up and the fireplace kicks on, I can’t help but be brought back to a time of simple childhood joys like Dunkin Donuts’ Munchkins while decorating the tree, staying up all night on Christmas Eve, and tearing into presents Christmas morning.

So this year while you’re celebrating the holidays with loved ones, relax, switch on these songs, and enjoy a little background music to your holiday. Merry Christmas.

“Put One Foot In Front Of The Other” – Mickey Rooney & Keenan Wynn (Santa Claus is Coming to Town)

“12 Pains Of Christmas” –Bob Rivers

“Step Into Christmas” –Elton John

“White Christmas” –Bing Crosby

“Frosty The Snowman” –Jimmy Durante (Frosty the Snowman)

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