The Man With The Plan


Klasik, a.k.a. Anthony Jefferson, describes himself as a simple man with a magnificent plan but also a masterpiece. Hey, we’re not going to argue. The Johnsontown, PA, native is a hip hop phenom, drawing on a tumultuous childhood and the wisdom that age brings in equal measure. On The Rebirth he describes his grandmother as rolling around town saying that wasn’t her son’s child. Not an easy start to life, and Klasik acknowledges that family can put a curse on you. But where there are bumps in the road, there’s also the will to overcome. If Rebirth is a song about emotional survival, then Think is a rallying cry for intellectual survival. Wanna hide something then put it in a book, he spits over pulsing, orchestral synths. Cause we never read they know you’ll never look. Of course, any man with a magnificent plan makes room for the ladies, and Klasik does just that with the big, bassy So Smooth With It. Heads up freaks, this one’s for you.