When The Internet Exiles Pitbull To Alaska, Everybody Wins

Pitbull is about to be one cold puppy. Dale.

“Mr. 305” himself is headed to a Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska (pop. around 6,000) thanks to the combined efforts of roughly¬†70,000 internet denizens. It all started with a contest held by Walmart and Sheets Energy Strips to have the Miami based rapper perform at the Walmart that had the most Facebook likes.

And that’s where David Thorpe and Jon Hernden come in.

Thorpe and Hernden, writers for SomethingAwful.com, both tweeted about their desire to send Pitbull to the far-flung Kodiak Walmart. Those tweets became the catalyst for the prank, which spread across Twitter after hundreds of retweets and the creation of the #ExilePitbull hashtag. From there, the user community at popular image hosting board Reddit joined in on the campaign. By the time media outlets had begun reporting on the story, it was already over.

But the story doesn’t end there. Much to the pleasure of everyone involved, Pitbull is going along with the results of the competition. What a good sport!

And for his hard work coming up with the idea and moving his fingers to type out a few tweets, Thorpe has netted himself a trip to Alaska alongside Pitbull. Recap: the Internet gets what it wants, a sleepy Alaskan town gets something pretty special, and Pitbull might have to wear a puffy coat for a few days in the middle of the summer.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.