Anthems Of The Underdog

Matthew Peabody of The Missing Chums

Matthew Peabody and Mike Kegler share a long history, one that spans bands and orchestras and college jam sessions. The Missing Chums is a continuation of that musical synergy. Along with keyboardist Matt Douponce and bassist Henry Van Loon, the band cranks out jumpy, lo-fi rockers. The title track to their debut album, Out of the Gates, is an anthem of uncertainty. I’m guessing this great flood will wash your conscience clean, Peabody warbles over furious strumming, handclaps, and tambourines. The excellent Cover It Up is more brazen, steeped in the ˜80s with big distorted guitars, rock steady drums, and Peabody’s loosened croon. The Chums’ music is raw and unrefined, equal parts nervous energy and swaggering hooks. On Yes You May isolation and desire creep in, but by Moving Target the group has pulled out the tambourines for a low-country jig. Life’s tough. Still, every underdog has its day.