New Album Trailer, Exclusive Performance From The Dear Hunter

The Dear Hunter mainman Casey Crescenzo has announced the April 2 release of a new album, Migrant. The announcement was accompanied by the debut of an album trailer, which you can view here. The Dear Hunter is known for defying the traditional norms of album releases, notably having released his first three albums as a three act narrative of sorts, which was followed by a nine-EP concept collection called The Color Spectrum.

Crescenzo says he tried a new approach this time around: “When I started writing this record, I made sure to limit myself to an instrument and my voice…” As you’ll glean from the trailer, the songs clearly grew into something much greater.

We had the opportunity to hear what Casey sounds like with just voice and guitar when he stopped into our studio to perform for our exclusive Songs of the Revolution series. View those performances after the jump:


“Things That Hide Away”