Bowie and Morrissey: The Honeymoon Ends

Just a couple of fellas, goofing around

Wouldn’t it be great if that headline meant that David Bowie and Morrissey had teamed up to record an awesome single called “The Honeymoon Ends?” Sorry, that’s not what this is about.

You might recall that a few weeks ago, we here at OurStage engaged in a raging debate over, basically, Morrissey or Bowie: who ya got? We ran the above photo of the pair in happier times. Needless to say, Bowie trounced Morrissey in our internal poll, and it looks as though he’s trouncing him in real life now.

Morrissey had planned on a re-release of his 1991 LP Kill Uncle, which was to feature a previously unseen photo of the impossibly stylish, sexually ambiguous duo. But Bowie apparently used his clout with EMI UK to cut that shit down. Not sure if he doesn’t want to be known as one of the last of the famous international playboys or if the photo just didn’t capture his good side, but some things about Bowie are better off as a mystery.

All weird things must come to an end, we guess. Anyway, so Kill Uncle will be reissued soon, as will Bowie’s new album, The Next Day (in March).

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