Abba's Agnetha Faltskog Debuts "When You Really Loved Someone"

The name Agnetha Faltskog may not be one that stays permanently lodged in that part of the mind that seemingly captures every major pop culture moment or icon one interacts with, but her work in Abba certainly does. From “Dancing Queen” to the ongoing success of the musical Mama Mia, Faltskog has left a footprint on music history as big as Elvis or The Beatles, and to this day she continues to make great music (just like the song you’re about to hear).

Serving as the first single off the 62-year-old songstress’ upcoming album, “When You Really Loved Someone” is a heartmelting ballad that arrived today complete with a gorgeous music video. You can view the clip below.

In an interview with BBC News, Faltskog explained how producer Jorgen Elofsson coaxed her to hit the recording studio once again ” by basically ringing her doorbell and presenting three new songs to her:

It was flattering. It really was. I just couldn’t say ˜no’. I really loved the songs from the beginning. I told him, ˜we have to talk about a lot of things first. It was nine or 10 years since I’d sung, so I didn’t know if [my voice] worked. I said from the beginning, ˜if it sounds old I don’t want to do this, because¦ Why should I?’