OurStage Artists Xolie Morra And The Strange Kind Win Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It’s no secret that we here at OurStage are longtime fans of Xolie Morra and her band The Strange Kind. We’ve been following her career and her growth as an artist ever since she used OurStage to win the opportunity to play Lilith back in 2010. In the years in between, she’s been all over OurStage, winning many channel and finals competitions, and consistently bringing engaging and boundary-pushing new material to the table.

That’s why we were so excited when the good folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live! came to us with Xolie and the band as their pick as the winner of “The OurStage Panel: Jimmy Kimmel Live!” competition. As winners, they will appear as the musical guest on an upcoming episode of the hugely popular late night talk show. This hardworking band truly deserves this opportunity and we have no doubt they will shine. Here’s what happened when they got the news – be sure to stay tuned til the end for Grandma Johnson, the world’s oldest Jimmy fan:

We will announce the air date for Xolie Morra and the Strange Kind’s appearance as soon as we have it!

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