Video Of The Month: LSC’s “Buddy”

L.S.C. (aka Light Sweet Crude) has our latest video of the month, “Buddy.” It’s a beautiful clip, shot in black and white, part band performance, part performance art. The group themselves describe it best:

“Buddy” is a story about loneliness and the desperation it foments. With our hero (played by singer Dan Aden), we see a man shunned by society, doomed to live his life all alone.  

To help maintain a semblance of sanity, our hero creates an artificial friend—a buddy, if you will. He brings her to life with a lullaby, and she starts taking in everything around her. Things are going well, though the buddy has not yet formed an attachment to her maker. Creating a true bond with his buddy is the maker’s last goal in life—again, his sanity depends on it.

Before their bond has formed, however, misfortune strikes in the form of a newcomer (played by saxophone player Stephen Chen), who promptly begins to seduce the buddy away from her maker. Obviously, the maker does not like this turn of events. So he pulls his buddy back to him, and tells her his secret: A bond with her is all that matters; it is a matter of life and death.  

For the very first time, she begins to experience sympathy. But as the buddy reaches out to touch her maker’s face, the newcomer blasts our hero away, and she is nearly helpless to the newcomer’s means of temptation. In a last-ditch effort, the maker tries to win his buddy back by singing the lullaby he originally used to rouse her.  

The buddy becomes overwhelmed, reacting to too many stimuli at once. She finally snaps. Preferring to end his own creation than have it be lost to another, the maker puts her back to sleep forever, dooming himself.