YOU Have The Power To Decide Who Will Be November's El Headliner

Time and again OurStage has proven itself to be a valuable tool for artists on the rise. We don’t have a favorite musical genre or style; we prefer to spread the love around. And we do love our Latin music! So much so that we seek out Latin music acts  worthy of the title of El Headliner. But we don’t do the picking ourselves. We leave that to you, the fans.

Now is your chance to help your favorite Latin music act gain the exposure and recognition they deserve by judging in the Tr3s “El Headliner” Competition. One Grand Prize Winner, as chosen by OurStage users and special celebrity guest judge Sohanny, will receive coverage through Tr3s’ television and online programs, including Top 20, Music My Güey, Descubre & Download, and Blogamole. So what are you waiting for? Get in there!

Hear Bruno Mars' 80s Fetishizing Track "Moonshine" Right Now

Bruno Mars loves the 80s. I used to think that the well coiffed singer was simply a nostalgist like so many others in our generation, longing for the glamour and excess of that bygone era. But now I’m convinced that Mars’ situation is far more tragic; clearly the man is a native of that time period, having been ripped and catapulted into the modern day a la Quantum Leap.

And much like a child would put leaves and sticks into the glass jar that they just filled with the fireflies they had caught earlier in the evening, Mars is committed to creating a sonic environment that he finds comforting and familiar. Case in point: “Moonshine,” the third single to be from his upcoming album Unorthodox Jukebox. You can hear the cut after the jump.


Rihanna's 777 Tour Is A Week Long Photo Op, Monument To Excess

Rihanna’s going on tour! And she’s bringing 200 of her closest friends. On a plane.

The 777 tour is one of those “themed” events. Seven days. Seven countries. Seven shows. You get it.

But the most notable aspect of the intercontinental mini-tour isn’t the obsession with lucky number 7. No, it’s the fact that Rihanna will be jetsetting to each show while sharing airspace with hundreds of fans and members of the media. On a Boeing 777, naturally. As such, each leg of the trip is getting reported, photographed, and tweeted to hell and back. And based on the dispatches we’ve seen online so far, it might be one of the most ratchet events of the year.


The Weeknd's Commercial Debut "Trilogy" Expected To Sell Big

Would you buy an album that you’ve already downloaded? Conventional wisdom says no, but The Weeknd’s sales figures beg to differ.

Trilogy, the first commercial release from the literally and figuratively navel-gazing R&B act fronted by singer-songwriter Abel Tesfaye is projected to move around 95,000 to 125,000 units in its first week of sales according to a number of media outlets.

Those numbers are made all the more impressive by the fact that 27 out of the 30 tracks on Trilogy have been released for free by The Weeknd over the course of their three mixtapes House of BalloonsThursday, and Echoes Of Silence.


This Is Not A Made Up Thing: Morgan Spurlock Is Directing A 3D Concert Movie Starring One Direction

The entertainment industry makes for some strange bedfellows. Just ask pop-documentarian Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me, The Greatest Move Ever Sold) and UK boy band One Direction (“What Makes You Beautiful,” The Fantasies Of Teen Girls Everywhere).

On paper it seems like these two parties barely have any business being in the same room together. Not that reasonable expectations have any bearing on the fact that Spurlock is going to be directing the as yet untitled concert film/documentary for One Direction. And did we mention that it’s going to be in 3D?


Is There A Limit To What Can Be Crowdfunded?

Welcome to the new music economy, where distribution channels are paved with fiberoptic cable and shipments are packed into .zip files. The greatest aspect of the music industry in its current form is that there’s a lot of money to be grabbed. It’s just that the methods of securing said cash may require a bit of attention and diligence outside of the realm of music creation.

Nobody is selling records. But there are still tours to plot, t-shirts to sell, and music to put out. In the vacuum created by a lack of revenue from music sales, crowdfunding has taken hold as an appealing, if not the only, viable alternative. And as crowdfunding becomes bigger and moves more into the mainstream, the innovation in the use of the medium is growing as well.

What I’m saying is, what you can crowdfund is limited only by the scope of one’s imagination.


Jeff Mangum To Tour In 2013

No, you read that headline correctly. This isn’t some indie rock fueled fever dream; Jeff Mangum is actually going on an honest to God, multi-stop tour in 2013.

It’s unknown what initially prompted Mangum’s deliberate, gradual return to performign years after the disbanding of celebrated folk outfit Neutral Milk Hotel. Maybe Mangum took one of those “What kind of _____ are you?” for recluses and the results showed he was more of a Brian Wilson “I’ll tour when I feel like it” recluse instead of a J.D. Salinger “I’m never going to leave my house ever again” recluse.

In any case, it’s good to have Mangum back and we’ve got  the full dates for his tour right after the jump.


If You Want "Scream 5" To Happen Then Let Wes Craven Know

Wes Craven is one of those people who is only kinda, sorta on Twitter. Every now and then Craven will let loose with a volley of tweets only to go dark for weeks or months at a time.

Like yesterday, Craven started tweeting again after a near ten month absence from the microblogging service. He had a few jokes, apologies for not tweeting enough coupled with an assurance that he was going to try to be a lot more active (that’s what they all say, Cravey), and then, a bombshell:

“No news on Scream 5 yet. You guys really want another one?”


REZNOR WATCH: Read About Nine Inch Nails' Return While Streaming The New How to destroy angels_ EP

It was a sad day when Trent Reznor decided to retire Nine Inch Nails as a going concern. But Trent, retirement means you relax. Kick you feet up. Maybe stare wistfully at sunsets while sitting in a porch swing sipping Arnold Palmers and waiting for Kojack to come on. That’s what old people do right?

Reznor certainly hasn’t gone quietly into the night. He got hitched and started a band, How to destroy angels_, with his wife Mariqueen Maandig. He scored The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to great acclaim and he recently lent his talents to the soundtrack for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. But it looks like Reznor has a certain itch that only a nine inch nail could scratch.


Check Out The Smoky Visuals For Lana Del Rey's "Bel Air"

Lana Del Rey has been a busy woman since she rose to prominence last year on the strength of a handful of viral videos. She hasn’t let up her onslaught since, regularly pumping out releases that are less songs, videos, and records and more pieces of cannily composed viral content.

It’s a strategy that hasn’t failed Del Rey so far. So you missed her debut LP Born To Die earlier this year and somehow avoided the various music videos and collaborations that followed in its wake? Good luck trying to do that the second time around.

Born To Die, I’m sorry, Born To Die – The Paradise Edition, is a 24 song monster of a re-release, pairing the deluxe version of Del Rey’s debut album with the nine track Paradise EP. That’s a whole lotta Lana.

Not that any of this is going to convert any of the haters. The cuts that we’ve heard from the Paradise EP sound like vintage Del Rey. In fact, the dead-eyed goddess was generous enough to gift the internet viewing public with an atmospheric treatment for one of the songs featured on the Paradise EP, “Bel Air,” which you can see after the jump.