Beecher’s Fault, “Never Mine”

Beecher’s Fault, pride of Astoria NY, have followed up their excellent extended player The Easiest Drug To Sell with a new single, “Never Mine.” The song sticks with the meshing of propulsive programmed grooves and warm pads with inviting melodies and vocals, a dynamic established to great effect on the last EP. “Never Mine” builds methodically, eventually exploding with guitars and real drums. Listen below.

Beecher’s Fault, ‘The Easiest Drug To Sell’
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Kyle Bent, “Position”

Boston-based artist Kyle Bent has a new single and video for “Position,” a self-reflexive ode to how far he’s come, creatively and commercially. He investigates what that signifies for the person he was and hopes to become, looking at the idea of success as defined by his community and peers, as he stands ready for the mainstream, having mastered his craft, or at least come very damn near it. Bent is clearly a gifted lyricist, but he takes pains to express the extent of the work he had to do to see that gift fully realized: “Thinking it was easy for me – instant like Alakazam / Initially people were never listening / Women would always snicker and critics were steady dissing me / But somewhere ‘long the lines between writing rhymes and discipline / I realized Bent could be bending-ish with his penmanship.”

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“Ready To Go” By Bronze Radio Return

Even before the departure of banjo and harp player Craig Struble, Bronze Radio Return had been shifting from barn-stomping roots music to a more modern pop aesthetic. Their new single, “Ready To Go” finds them comfortable and confident in that arena, their songwriting chops at peak form, with a radio-ready sheen that remains relatively organic, recalling some of the best of The Shins. Analog synths and tight, dry drums carry clean guitars and the band’s trademark harmonies over a great melody. Not a surprise, then, that banjo and harp might be superfluous to the production.

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You’re A Monster, Annabel

You’re A Monster, Annabel

The House of Jed, aka Jarrod Gollihare (formerly of Admiral Twin), has been supplying us with a steady drip of concise pop gems for a few years, all written, performed, and recorded by the singer and multi-instrumentalist in the comfort of his home studio (click here to read more about his creative process). These songs are usually quick and unsettling vignettes about strange characters against the backdrop of otherwise ordinary life.

Witness Annabel, a monster, and antagonist of “You’re A Monster, Annabel.” To be honest, I’m not sure exactly what emotional horrors are perpetrated upon our narrator, but clearly he just wants to talk to Annabel, and she is not really there. As the song comes to a close, our hero, abandoned by the music, seems to meet an abrupt end, in one way or another. Check it out:

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Jesse Terry, “Ring Of Fire”

Jesse Terry has delivered a cover of the Johnny Cash classic “Ring Of Fire,” putting a slow roll Americana spin on it, complete with prominent mandolin, a baritone guitar solo, and some beautiful three part harmonies, courtesy of Lizanne Knott and Michael Logan. The three with join forces again on a tour that hits the UK for most of October. Terry will briefly be on the U.S. East Coast just before and after the overseas dates. See the full list of tour dates with ticket links here.

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The Wallies’ New Album: ‘Things I’ll Never Tell Anyone’

The Wallies have returned with their rollicking, drawling, punch-drunk, fuzzed-out, catchy-as-hell, pure rock and roll on a new LP called Things I’ll Never Tell Anyone. In fact, hard as it is for this writer to believe, this is their debut LP. After all, the band has been kicking around for a few years, steadily dropping a stream of impressive covers, singles, EPs, and videos. All of the promise of those releases is wrapped up in Things I’ll Never Tell Anyone, with the high/low contrast between the music and the vocal delivery, the disaffected romanticism of the lyrics, the surf-pop elements, the modern indie rock aesthetic inside the Wallies’ overall vintage vibe. This is great stuff.

Get the full album here:

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