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Top Artists For February 2015

Every month, the community ranks the songs competing on OurStage, and once those songs get to the Finals stage, five grand prize winners are selected. Those winners get featured on the ‘OurStage on Amazing Radio’ show, broadcast from the UK to hundreds of thousands of music fans, both in the UK and online around the world. Last month’s show is streaming now. Below are the top five that you’ll hear on this month’s show, but you can preview them now by clicking here for a playlist.

“Diamond in the Rough” by Wes-tone





“Shoot You Down” by Wes Kirkpatrick





“Personality Overload” by The Beat Seekers





“Life Is Crazy” by Louis Anthony





“The Dream of the Angel” by No Hair On Head




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Top Artists For January 2015

Here’s a preview of some of the artists who will be featured on the next installment of “OurStage on Amazing Radio,” an online and terrestrial radio show broadcast out of the UK to hundreds of thousands of listeners. Last month’s show is streaming now and features some really great, undiscovered acts. Below are your January Top 5. Listen to a direct playlist of these songs by clicking here.

“Taking Me Under” by Austin Renfroe
One of the winningest artists on OurStage with this fan favorite song. Meticulously constructed pop with a soulful delivery.




“Drunk and Unemployed” by Wes-tone
The #1 track in the Folk channel also took the top of the Roots finals channel. The novel of this song’s title belies an earnest and sad lyric.




“Fake This” by The Upset Victory
Catchy-as-hell modern rock from a great band.




“Why It Wasn’t Me” by KParker
R&B takes top honors again this month. Mellow, grooving, smooth…everything modern R&B should be.




“Wake Up” by Project KF
Another mellow entry, with ambient and chill elements, but riding over a driving rhythm.



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Stream Our January Radio Show Now

Amazing Radio 600x250December’s winners (and more) are featured on the OurStage show streaming now on Listen in to hear music from Adios Mafia, Jesi Jones, Ju’not, Jillian Valentine, Space Walk, The Delta Riot, Sho Skrilla, Summerlyn Powers, Late Cambrian, Annalise Emerick, Yellabird, The Figgs, Kat Robichaud, and Shotty.

If you’re an artist yourself, enter your music in a channel to be considered for next month’s show. If you’re a fan, judge now to help us pick the upcoming featured artists.

Top Artists For December 2014

We’re closing the books on 2014, with a batch of quality winners, as ranked by our fan community over the month of December. These artists (and more from the top of our charts) will be featured on our next installment of OurStage on Amazing Radio, an online and terrestrial radio show broadcast out of the UK to hundreds of thousands of listeners. If you haven’t heard the previous show, it’s streaming now. Below are your December Top 5. Listen to a direct playlist of these songs by clicking here.

yourlovePOP FINALS:
“It’s Your Love” by Jillian Valentine
A soulful, intimate song that’s still universally accessible.





“How To Be Good” by Jesi Jones
With a thoughtful lyric and a voice as clear as a bell, Jesi Jones rises above the folk fray.





“Dirty Bomb” by Adios Mafia
Great to hear some punk take the top spot in rock. Cross Raw Power-era Stooges with Eagles of Death Metal. NSFW, as punk should be.




“A Little You And Me” by Ju’not
Classic R&B, straight out of 1974, but just as vital-sounding as anything on Top 40 today.




“Strings Of Serenity” by Space Walk
A sweeping, genre-melding mini-epic, incorporating ambient, classical, and Latin.



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Top Artists For November 2014

With our new, leaner channel line-up, competition was tight last month, and we’ve got a new slew of winners to announce. These artists will be featured on an upcoming program on Amazing Radio, our terrestrial and online radio station, broadcast out of the UK to hundreds of thousands of music fans. Let us know your faves.

Daily Noise ClubROCK FINALS:
“The Art of Art” by Daily Noise Club
Recalls Bon Scott era ACϟDC with even more riffage.




Sheila StarPOP FINALS:
“Keeps Me Alive” by Sheila Star
Modern production invigorates this piano-pop song with a great melody.




“Wasting My Time” by Erdal Kemahli
A hypnotic groove with some cool chopped up loops.




“Lonely” by Terri-J (feat. Sylver)
Low-key R&B focused on the voice and lyric.




“48 Times Around The Sun” by Tom Riccardi
A simple and touching acoustic-based tribute.



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New Music Channels, New Opportunities

Just a quite site update from OurStage HQ. We’ve got a lot of new things cooking behind the scenes that will launch us into the OurStage of the future.

We’ve already started thinking up some new ways to help artists in their careers. One of those things is the opportunity to receive international exposure on Amazing Radio – the acclaimed online and terrestrial radio station that discovered Alt J, Daughter, Chvrches, Bastille, London Grammar, Haim, and…perhaps you. We will be serving up all of our Grand Prize winners, as well as more favorites pulled from the top of the OurStage charts, to a listening audience of hundreds of thousands of new music lovers across the globe.

To that end, and in an effort to freshen up our music channels on OurStage, we’re making changes to our channel lineup, reducing the overall number based on audience response, adding some new ones, and focusing on the most vital genres to optimize the connection between music fans and artists. Check out the new lineup and enter the channel that best suits your music now, and you may be featured on Amazing Radio.

The channels are still evolving, and if one of your favorites has disappeared, please let us know. If there is enough demand, we may add it again.

Aaaaand We’re Back


Having undergone significant updates and alterations over the past several months, our blog is back online. While you might only notice some minor cosmetic changes at first, we’ve made huge improvements to the underlying system here and throughout all of, and you will start to see more new features and upgrades over the coming months.

We’re also overhauling our entire competition structure to find new and better ways to provide our artist community with career-building opportunities. We look forward to rolling these out, and we welcome your feedback. For fans of new music, there are going to be a lot of new ways to discover the best stuff you’ve never heard, working in tandem with our new parent company, Amazing Media – already the leader in new music discovery in the UK and beyond.

Thanks for your patience throughout these quiet months, and please stay tuned.

OurStage Radio Featured In The Guardian

OurStage UpdatesThe Telegraph, UK’s most widely-circulated news source, has published a list of the world’s best Internet radio stations and have included your favorite and mine, We are certain this is due to the incredible wealth of talent supplied by so many great undiscovered artists.

“This innovative music service has an archive of songs by more than 125,000 unsigned artists, organised into 40 genres from Alternative to World. Listeners can tune into genre radio stations via the link above, or, if in a Simon Cowell frame of mind, can even judge between acts – the most successful of which get prizes.”

If you’re not already signed up, do it now – it’s easy, and you can connect via Facebook with a simple click. Then, get listening, tune your radio, pick favorites, make playlists, share, and judge channels.

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Billboard's Buzz On Amazing Media And OurStage

medialogoBillboard has just published a piece discussing the exciting latest developments surrounding Amazing Media, OurStage, our investors, and more:

“Former BBC executive Paul Campbell launched a new company in the United Kingdom in 2007, looking for ways to help musicians find a wider audience for their work. He established a website allowing select unsigned acts to upload their music, sell it — and keep the proceeds. Two years later, Campbell founded a radio station using a playlist built exclusively from the offerings on his site. He further developed his audience by adding a few shows carefully curated by a mix of ex-BBC and up-and-coming DJs. The result: Amazing Media, a powerful promotional machine that has become one of the A&R community’s most crucial tools for developing new talent and has helped propel the likes of Chvrches, Daughter and Alt-J to deals with major or independent labels.

Now, five years later, Campbell is launching in the United States. He has raised $9 million in funding with backing from investors including Sting, AOL founder Steve Case, producer Billy Mann, music lawyer John Frankenheimer and former EMI CEO Elio Leoni-Sceti. They’re joining a board to be run by former Shazam chairman John Pearson.

As part of its launch stateside, Amazing Media has acquired Boston-based for an undisclosed sum. OurStage gives fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite unsigned performers on the site — and allows bands to compete for the chance to tour with more established acts.”

Read more at Acquired By Amazing Media

medialogoGreat news!

OurStage has recently been acquired by Amazing Media. We at Amazing Media are a UK-based music company dedicated to helping new and emerging artists reach audiences. We work with the world’s best new musicians through and Amazing Radio. Since we started seven years ago, we have helped thousands of artists find an audience and make money “ bands like Alt J, HAIM, London Grammar, Chvrches, Daughter, and many others.

We bought OurStage because we recognized a shared ambition to help new musicians achieve success. We’re musicians ourselves, and we understand the challenges you face. Our aim is to make OurStage amazing “ to breathe new life into it, and to give you a bigger global opportunity to reach an audience.

We’ll be writing again soon with more news about how that works and what we have planned. Everything we do is designed to connect new artists & their music to fans across America and beyond. Meantime, please check us out at and and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Many thanks for reading this.

All the best,
The Amazing Media and OurStage Team