Beecher’s Fault, “Never Mine”

Beecher’s Fault, pride of Astoria NY, have followed up their excellent extended player The Easiest Drug To Sell with a new single, “Never Mine.” The song sticks with the meshing of propulsive programmed grooves and warm pads with inviting melodies and vocals, a dynamic established to great effect on the last EP. “Never Mine” builds methodically, eventually exploding with guitars and real drums. Listen below.

Beecher’s Fault, ‘The Easiest Drug To Sell’
“Ready To Go” By Bronze Radio Return
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“Ready To Go” By Bronze Radio Return

Even before the departure of banjo and harp player Craig Struble, Bronze Radio Return had been shifting from barn-stomping roots music to a more modern pop aesthetic. Their new single, “Ready To Go” finds them comfortable and confident in that arena, their songwriting chops at peak form, with a radio-ready sheen that remains relatively organic, recalling some of the best of The Shins. Analog synths and tight, dry drums carry clean guitars and the band’s trademark harmonies over a great melody. Not a surprise, then, that banjo and harp might be superfluous to the production.

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Top Artists For September 2018

Updates02_120x120_OurStage-1Every month, the OurStage community (that’s you) listens and ranks the songs competing on Once those songs get to the Finals stage, five grand prize winners are selected. Those winners get featured on the ‘OurStage on Amazing Radio’ show, broadcast to hundreds of thousands of music fans around the world. Last month’s show is streaming now. Below are the top five that you’ll hear on this month’s show, along with other favorites from the charts.








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Larry g(EE): “Losing You”

Dallas TX-based singer Larry g(EE), who earned the opportunity on OurStage to appear as the musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2012, is back with a brand new single, “Losing You.” After a few tumultuous years, during which he signed to a boutique label with a major distribution deal (ADA/Warner), only to see the label collapse amidst accusations of mismanagement and bad faith, Larry g(EE) did the only thing he could − get back to making music. In this case, however, he took the unforeseen misfortune and turned into an opportunity to shift directions, reevaluating his sound and ultimately trading the high-energy, anthemic soul/rock that had been his trademark for a pop/R&B vibe. That sound is apparent on the new single, which also marks a lyrical shift, finding the singer getting introspective and touching on a wounded past that informs the dissolution of a love affair. Listen below:

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Gods And Goddesses – Kyle Bent

Boston-based hip-hop artist Kyle Bent has dropped the video for his single “Gods & Goddesses,” from the new EP I Am Possibility. Bent released the surprise EP on his birthday − astoundingly, only his 21st. The video is a cleverly edited DIY affair, keeping the focus on the music. The track slowly adds layers, both on the thumping verse, and the chanting, rolling hook, with its increasing counter melodies, eventually churning into a wave that finally dissolves and recedes. This musical dynamic serves a raw and introspective lyric, which describes a process evaluating the rapper’s life and the major players in it, trying to sort the gods and goddesses from the monsters. It’s just real.

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Daphne Willis, “Hustle”

A few years back, we watched Chicago’s Daphne Willis evolve from an introspective, indie pop singer/songwriter into an eclectic, rootsy, soulful belter. With the release of her new single “Hustle,” (ft. Grizzle) Willis has emerged as a full blown, ready-for-radio, pop hitmaker. Listen to it below. The confidence, the defiant message, the hooks… “Hustle” is an anthem from an artist to be reckoned with.

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