Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Judge And Win Two Free Passes To Warped Tour 2012

Katy Perry Criticized By Feminist Author Naomi Wolf

While the singer’s release of her latest single “Part of Me” has launched Perry to the top of U.S. and U.K. hit charts, it seems that there are some who are not so quick to congratulate her. Naomi Wolf, prominent feminist and author of the bestselling book The Beauty Myth, spoke out against the video in a post on Facebook, going so far as to suggest Perry may have been funded by the Marines.

“Have you all seen the Katy Perry marines video?” she writes. “It is a total piece of propaganda for the Marines¦ I really want to find out if she was paid by them for making it.” She went on to boycott the video, even after admitting she was a fan of the singer beforehand. “I would suggest a boycott of this singer whom I really liked “ if you are as offended at this glorification of violence as I am.”

Most surprising, perhaps, is that this is what it took to shake Naomi Wolf out of her Perry-fandom.

Watch the video below.

The Time(line) Has Come: How To Prepare Your Facebook Page

On Friday, Facebook will be forcing all Pages to switch over to the new Timeline-style layout. This means that many artists, businesses and fan pages will be struggling to keep their profiles organized, clean and easy to navigate for the next few days. Fear not, friends”we’ve put together some pointers to help you make the switch a cinch.

Britney's Timeline is clean, simple and eye-catching.

Cover Photos Are Huge (Literally): The cover photo will be the first thing that potential and current fans see when they visit your page, so it should give off the best impression possible. If you choose to use a picture of yourself/your band for the cover photo, it’s important that it be high-quality to avoid stretching/graininess. You can also get creative with the cover photo and opt instead for album artwork, í  la Nicki Minaj, or even a crowd shot, as seen on the Foo Fighters’ page. If you don’t have any great photos to use, it may be worth it to hire a graphic designer to make a cool promotional image using your logo, like Green Day.

Keep Tabs On Your Tabs: Right now, you know exactly how to get to your page’s content ”by clicking the links under your profile photo that say “Wall,” “Info,” “Music,” “YouTube,” etc. You can also pick a “landing tab,” or a default tab that will display whenever someone visits your page. With the Timeline layout, your tabs are moved to the other side of the page and placed in little square boxes beneath the cover photo, and you will not be able to set a landing tab anymore. It’s important to note that you will only be able to select three apps to display, as “Photos” cannot be moved from your Timeline. We recommend a music player, list of tour dates and video. The rest of your apps will only be found if the visitor clicks on the tiny drop-down arrow on the right hand side of the tabs.

Want to talk to Bronze Radio Return? Now you can!

Connect With Your Fans: Timeline will finally allow direct artist-to-fan interaction by adding personal messaging capability between fans and Pages. Inviting your fans to reach out to you will make them feel much more connected to you, but you can also feel safe by not needing to give out personal information.

Fixed Features: Timeline will pick and choose what it wants to feature on your page without asking. If you want something you’ve posted to remain at the top of your page, you will have the ability to keep it “pinned” to the top of your Timeline. Just released a new single? Pin your status about it at the top of your Timeline so it will be the first thing everyone sees when they scroll down to your posts.

Finally, try to get as much of your Timeline set up before you publish it”unfinished pages will just look messy. Also, keep an eye on your page in the future to make sure that only your best posts are being shown (and the good ones aren’t getting lost).

Opposites Attract

The Dandelion War

Like Led Zeppelin and Iron Butterfly, The Dandelion War should immediately give you a hint about its music by name alone. The tension between contrasts”low and high, heavy and light, gentle and violent”has long provided creative fodder for artists. The Dandelion War deftly weaves those contrasts together for diaphanous songscapes that range from story to placid. Jail Bird adds layers of glacial guitars, synths and drums to create the soundtrack to a dream. But the subconscious can be a fitful place, too, and on Spectacle the five-piece band creates a gyre of piano, drums, guitar and bass that falls somewhere between Sigur Rós and My Morning Jacket. The Petals of Lipaceli is equally mesmerizing”a long instrumental intro contains pianos echoed by chimes, reverb-drenched guitars, chants and rhythms that become more insistent as they build to crescendo. Sweet dreams are made of these.

SoundTrax: Summer Road Trip

The summer road trip has become one of the most clichéd coming-of-age events in our society, but for good reason. Sunshine, fast cars, convertible tops, best friends, better tunes”what more could you ask for? The journey has come to embody the carefree, driving-with-no-destination vibe that a lot of us strive to emulate in our daily lives (mainly because there is something incredibly appealing about jumping in the car with three of your best friends right after senior year graduation, and booking it cross country just for the hell of it). But as we all know, good music is paramount to the success of an excursion. And SoundTrax is here to provide just that, but as much as we embrace the cliché, this will not be your typical sing-along road trip (we did that already).

There is a growing movement in the EDM world pushing away from the heavy bass sounds popularized by Skrillex, and instead embracing the French-touch that seems to have all but disappeared in recent years as Justice and Daft Punk have faded while Rusko and Bassnectar are booming. The sound features a heavier focus on melody, and a retro touch in terms of sound design. The movement is picking up steam so rapidly that there doesn’t really seem to be a star (like Skrillex for dubstep). There’s not even a solid genre title yet, and with influences ranging from French house, to Chi-town disco, and LA pop, the music is constantly morphing and pushing forward. We’ve put together a list of some of the funkiest, youngest producers out there right now. So grab some friends, pick your favorite summer destination and jam-on, cosmonauts.

SoundTrax: Summer Road Trip from OurStage on 8tracks.