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Le Roxy Pro and Keith McEachern: The Wandas Branch Out

The Wandas-23It was quite a drag to learn that Boston’s The Wandas – a onetime OurStage Artist of the Week – were going on indefinite hiatus. We’d loved their self-titled LP, and the follow-up was even better. But such is life for indie rock bands and their fans.

Of course, we should have been looking forward to what was inevitably to come from the individual members of the band. Brent Battey has formed a pretty groovy, early-Beach Boys-inspired surf rock band called Le Roxy Pro. Check out this video for “Coral Coralles.”

This past winter, Keith McEachern released a true solo album, having written, performed, and recorded every song on Double Down. He released “My Education” as the first video from the LP, and just today Vanyaland premiered the follow-up video, for the song “Pleasant.” Check out both below:

Keep up with both projects here:

Top Artists For April 2015

Every month, the OurStage community (you) listens and ranks the songs competing on Once those songs get to the Finals stage, five grand prize winners are selected. Those winners get featured on the ‘OurStage on Amazing Radio’ show, broadcast from the UK to hundreds of thousands of music fans, both on terrestrial radio in the UK and online around the world. Last month’s show is streaming now. Below are the top five that you’ll hear on this month’s show, but you can preview them now by clicking here for a playlist.

“Satellite” by Panic Station





“He Can Dance” by Julie Burton & Bobby Caputo





“Erase Her” by Pells Voice





“Push” by Indigo Blak





“Free Minded” by Circuit-400





Check out all the additional 1st place songs from our genre channels here.

House of Jed Releases “O Caligula” Single

a2394312984_2It’s another ultra-catchy tune from Jarrod Gollihare, aka House of Jed. His “Coming Off Pretty” snuck up on us a couple of years ago when it neared the top of our Intel Superstars chart, and we have yet to be let down by any of his other material. “O Caligula,” the new single, is no exception. The rhythm-driven (Gollihare is primarily a drummer), Omnichord-heavy track is simply unlike anything else you’re likely to hear today. And according to Gollihare, “[I]t’s about attending high school with a psychopathic Roman emperor-to-be…” which is obviously common lyrical subject matter. Check it out on Bandcamp:

Philadelphia Slick’s ‘Earth Rocks Harder’ Out Now [VIDEO]

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One of our longtime faves, Philadelphia Slick have a new LP out today. Listen to AND buy Earth Rocks Harder right here, right now. If you need a little enticement, check out the awesome new video for “State of Your Plate,” which was just released in conjunction with the record.

The Wallies Return With New EP

TheWAlliesVanillaSarasota’s garage-pop-retro-surf-rock hybrid behemoths The Wallies are back with a new 7-song EP, and it has been worth the wait.

Officially out Friday April 25th, you can start listening now on their Bandcamp page. Enjoy such excellently-titled songs as “Tom Crusin” and the band’s cover of The Sonics’ classic “Have Love Will Travel.” Why, you can even see the video for that track right here, right now:

‘Do As People Do’ – The New EP From Beecher’s Fault

New York indie rockers Beecher’s Fault have just released their new EP Do As People Do. The lead single, “Liquor Store,” is a catchy blend of modern and organic sounds, propulsive and at the same time completely chill. It’s also got a cool video, complete with sad clown and an impending summer vibe… Get the record here, and watch the video below.

UPDATE: The EP is now streaming on Spotify.

Brittney Bouchard’s Driving New Single “Paper Airplanes”

10991042_10153035993242856_5143793895508910123_nSometimes all you need is a high-energy pop song, smashed full of hooks. That’s what landed in the inbox this morning, and none too soon for a drizzly Friday. Los Angeles-based singer Brittney Bouchard released her single “Paper Airplanes” back in February, and we somehow missed it – but it’s on repeat around OurStage HQ now. The track starts simply enough with a cool guitar figure against an ambient background and then builds into a radio-ready pop explosion. Hope to hear more from Bouchard soon.

Geographer’s New LP And Spring Tour With Empires, Idle Hands

MIKE DENI GEOGRAPHEROn March 23rd, San Francisco’s dream-synth-pop masters Geographer released their newest LP, Ghost Modern. OurStagers have known Geographer since we told you about them back in 2009, and they’ve only surpassed themselves with each release since then. Next month, the band will cross North America with empires and Idle Hands. Check out the album here, and see below for tour dates:


VIDEO: “Heroes” By Brittany Campbell

Brittany CampbellBrittany Campbell, who for some reason is not yet one of the biggest names in pop music, has released an incredible animated video for her track “Heroes.” The song is the title track from the 2014 album, which we told you about here.

Great song, great performance, great production, and great video. What else could you possibly want?

Jesse Terry Bonnaroo Appearance, Italian and U.S. Tours

Jesse Terry is a man on the move. In the past couple of years, after extensive touring in the U.S., he’s made a few surgical strikes overseas, bringing his intimate style of Americana to the UK, eastern Europe, and New Zealand. Now he has set his sights on Italy and will play seven dates across the country starting April 10th (plus a quick stopover in Switzerland, where he will play a return gig at Basel). See the dates below.

And just this week, Terry announced the big news that he’s been added to the Club Stage at the Bonnaroo Festival, which takes place in Manchester, TN, in June. Check here for all the upcoming dates, including a U.S. tour this spring with Rebecca Loebe.