Metal Monday: 3 Inches of Blood Q&A

Who doesn’t like a big, thick slab of good ol’ heavy metal? Well, you can be assured that 3 Inches of Blood are quite the connoisseurs of their musical style”from big and boisterous riffs to falsetto wails and thunderous drums.  Fresh out of the studio from working on their followup to 2009’s Here Awaits Thy Doom, Cam Pipes took a break from channeling his inner Rob Halford and drinking microbrew beer to chat about the upcoming record, tour, and some other stuff.

OS: First things first, Cam, your name is perfect for a vocalist. Does it ever get old trying to convince people that it is indeed your real name?

CP: Not really. It only happens occasionally where people actually question it. It’s usually just the odd fan here and there, but it doesn’t happen as often as you might think. But, if I’m actually in person with someone and they’re like “Is that your real name?!?” I’ll pull out my ID or something so I can go back to the source and say “Yep, this is the original, this is what I was born with.”

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Metal Monday: OurStage Metal Awards '09

OSBlog02_MetalMondays_MASTERAt the end of the year, when all is said and done, 10 top albums is simply not enough to give credit where it’s due. As a supplement to last week’s  Top 10 of Metal, I’m giving props to all the other bands who did something right this year. Think of the following lists as the “superlatives” section of your yearbook”but for metal albums.

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Metal Monday OurStage Blog

With a metal scene that is currently thriving due to the successes of bands like Five Finger Death Punch, As I Lay Dying, Winds of Plague and The Faceless, many younger bands are clawing their way up the ranks in the San Diego area. We caught up with one such bands fighting for recognition, OurStage’s own Sicarus. Describing Sicarus is no easy task so it may be simpler to say they sound like a child spawned from Into Eternity and All That Remains. Sicarus is an aggressive and inspiring force whose music is pure metal”no games, no gimmicks”and can appeal to nearly all types of metal fans. Sharing the stage with the likes of 3 Inches of Blood, Napalm Death, Kataklysm and Toxic Holocaust, this incredibly talented and focused group of musicians, is a mindful band with a strong desire for success.

Eric, vocalist for Sicarus

Eric, lead vocalist for Sicarus

After finally getting the guys together for the interview (sans KC), my first question was asking the band where they came up with the name for the band. The band really studied up on their name, and informed me that the name Sicarus comes from the Latin word sicarii. The Mad Scottsman (Kenny) and Mike told me sicarii basically means assassin or dagger men (something very fitting with the band’s sound) and that the term was first used to describe the Romans because daggers were their weapon of choice for assassinations.

When I went on to ask the band about how their extremely varied music tastes influenced their songwriting, their answers were just as mixed. Although they disagreed on some of the details, they all were on the same page about how well whatever it is they have been doing has worked. As Mike said, we just need to see if it sounds good! The most interesting part of their sound is the capability of the band members to join in four-part harmonies, much like Into Eternity does on a consistent basis”something Sicarus stumbled on as they solidified the lineup to what they have today. Having four capable vocalist in one band is almost unheard of in metal, and Sicarus has surely capitalized on this treasure they possess.

The most interesting part of the interview was when I asked  If you had a dream label to be on, what would it be? The first answers read like this:

Eric: The one that pays the most.
Jon: We’ve heard some good stuff about Century Media, but I kinda like Roadrunner.
Mike: [thinks] Massacre in Europe; they have some sick bands.
Jon: I would love to get on a major label, but I don’t want to have to sell my soul or anything [laughs].
Eric: Show me the dotted line; soul or whatever.
Mike: Major [label] in the US, but I am seeing good things overseas through motivated indie [labels], as long as there is a priority and a push for us.

Sicarus group shot

Sicarus group shot

Obviously, the band has a few things left to discuss when it comes to future plans, but for the time being they’re all dead-set on writing more material, playing as many shows as humanly possible, and getting ready to shop for labels”major or independent. Sicarus is really gaining some solid footing in their local market and is looking to spread their wings but, as they expressed to me, touring elsewhere is difficult without a decent touring vehicle. The band has been going to shows in an SUV and a Honda Civic; any touring band can tell you that no band would like to do that. Undoubtedly, Sicarus will grow quickly once they begin a heavier and more extensive tour schedule.

On a lighter note, I ended the interview by asking the guys what bands (past or present) they would most like to play a show with and if they could only eat/drink one thing for the rest of their lives, what it would be. Not surprisingly, these are the questions that got the most hilarious answers of the interview. The band was in complete consensus on playing with Iron Maiden, except Jon. Jon hates Iron Maiden (though never expressed why). We conversed for nearly an hour, and most of the conversations had were filled with comic banter, not suitable for children under the age of 17.

In spite of the R-Rated answers, the interview went well. The guys in Sicarus are some of the coolest (and funniest) guys around, and they really seem to be ready for whatever comes their way. Sicarus might be a relatively new band, but the members have been around the block a few times. Anybody who likes heavy music will find something that they absolutely love about Sicarus (this promises to be one of the band’s greatest assets). With two unbelievable demos under their belt and a lot more material in the works, these dagger men are primed to strike.

Like the tunes? Go grab a copy of the EP from the Sicarus webstore!