Juanes Fans! Enter Now To Perform With Juanes On MTV Unplugged

When it comes to Latin rock stars, Juanes is pretty much as big as they come. And when it comes to capturing  legendary live performances on television, MTV’s twenty-year-old series Unplugged is unrivaled. Combine these two forces and you get Tr3s Presents: MTV Unplugged With Juanes. Even better, you could perform with Juanes himself during the taping of the show!

If you’re a legal resident of the United States or Puerto Rico, all you have to do is submit a videotaped performance of one of the following Juanes hit songs into the Tr3s “Unplug With Juanes” Competition by January 9, 2012: “A Dios le Pido,” “Me Enamora,” “Fotografí­a” or “La Soledad.” This one’s not just for the pros, folks“anyone can enter“so get on it!

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