Two Cents For 50 Cent

A very noble goal for "him self"

In a surprising change of pace from his regular stream of silly and pointless tweets, rapper 50 Cent shared his intent to feed one billion (yes, billion) people in Africa within a period of five years. Immediate reactions ranged from the positive and encouraging to the aggressive and negative. Apparently, the greatest complaint he’s received so far is his decision to lend a helping hand to people in another continent, while there is so much need in his home country. And, in a rather uncharacteristic show of levelheadedness, he responded: “people here have a fair shot.”

Celebrities using their stardom to help people in need isn’t something new, and Africa is no stranger to this. Bono, Michael JacksonOprah, George Clooney, Bruce Springsteen… these are but a scarce few of the celebs who have used the spotlight to do good in afflicted regions of the continent. But there have been increasing accusations of these acts being nothing but a publicity stunt to improve their public image and get on the media’s good graces. Considering his current relationship with the public eye and the positive media coverage he’s received in recent times, it’s hard to imagine 50 Cent would stoop as low as that merely for extra followers on his Twitter account.

As ridiculous and farfetched as this goal may be, we can’t help but feel that Fitty’s intentions are genuine and hope that he will, in fact, do his best to make it happen. Besides, the harm made by a promise gone sour would be more than enough to split his fanbase. As most things in life, only time will tell what is to come of this.

If you want to send him your support, simply send out a tweet with the “#SK” hashtag and your best wishes.

Around The World In 80 Songs: Homeless Balloon

Let’s take a trip to the land of fresh fish and long summer days. I am talking about Norway, a country where music is high up on everyone’s agenda.

In this post, we won’t discuss Nordic folkloric music, but rather explore a cool and innovative project by composer and multimedia artist Helge Krabye. We are talking about Homeless Balloon, an act that features chillout music inspired by electronica, world fusion and a touch of jazz and rock from the ’70s.

Sounds interesting right?

The truth is, Homeless Balloon is a truly unique musical experience that any world music lover needs to know. Krabye is a multitalented artist who has written the original music for more than seventy television documentaries, radio plays, fantasy stories and art projects.

Here on OurStage, Homeless Balloon is slowly but surely taking the stage on the World Channel. Krabye’s song China Main Theme from the album Mysterious China is a truly unique chillout piece that blends world fusion with electronica. Play this song and you’ll immediately experience that relaxing sensation that only a well-performed melody can do.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Homeless Balloon is that it isn’t limited to a certain geographical place. For this artist, true inspiration can come from Norway, China or even Russia. Such is the case with Krabye’s piece Kamtjatka, inspired in a wild island in the northern part of East Russia.

Another interesting song by Homeless Balloon that reflects its internationalization is African Landscape, a piece that Krabye describes as a collage of impressions and musical images inspired by the nature and people of Africa.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump on a homeless balloon and get to know the world through the ears of Helge Krabye. Travel has never been easier or more fun. Bon Voyage!

Around The World In 80 Songs: “Mystery” By Uzo Nzeka

Animals, safaris, amazing sunsets¦

Dying to go to Africa? Let’s visit Nigeria through the music of Uzo Nzeka, a Franco-Nigerian singer-songwriter who was formerly known as Brother Ephrain.

Although Uzo Nzeka’s music has been around for decades (his debut album came out in 1966 selling a million copies) he never ceases to renovate himself. Back in the 80s, he released a number of successful albums; in 2001 he performed with The Wailers during their tour of France in tribute to Bob Marley. Today he is working on a new production, inspired in Bob Marley and Jamaica.

So what is it about Uzo that allows him to transcend decades and geographical borders and still keep his music fresh?

For starters, Uzo is always writing new music and aiming to captivate audiences wherever he goes. He continues to reinvent himself and is constantly looking for ways to inspire fans in Africa and around the world.

Here on OurStage, Uzo Nzeka has been engaging fans with his creativity. His pieces have been regulars in the Top 10 charts, and he has gotten very positive feedback from users. His song Mystery is a true gem in OurStage’s World Channel. Play it and you’ll realize why he never ceases to impress his fans. If you are into reggae, then you’ll understand why Uzo stands out from the rest.

Other great songs by Uzo include Rastaman, Rain and Never Let You Go. Take a trip to Africa through these timeless pieces through this timeless artist. Bon voyage!

Around The World In 80 Songs: "Akonserawa" By Femi Jubal

There is no better way to brighten up your day than by listening to an amazing song that mixes African beats with elements of soft rock, pop and even some reggae.

I am talking about the song Akonserawa by OurStage artist Femi Jubal, an exciting piece that, besides being rhythmically perfect, conveys an important message of peace and justice. According to the artist, this song reflects the pain of my continent and it is dedicated to all the victims of hate, injustice, genocide in Africa and beyond.

The thing is, Femi is not just a talented musician. He is also a human rights crusader who aims to use his music to transmit his passion for change, justice, freedom and equality.  As an artist, he understands that his words are powerful tools towards social change.

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Femi has been building a strong career as a musician in Africa and beyond. In 2007, he released the single Cry of Africa and received great compliments on his work. Jubal is currently working on a new album and is working with artists around the world.

If you liked Akonserawa, then we are guessing you’ll also dig Enough is Enough Nigeria!! a song that Femi describes as a call for change and transformation in his home country. Another great song by Femi that talks about Nigeria is Eke o ni Baje. Get to know more of Femi’s work by listening to this playlist and enjoy your time in Africa. Bon Voyage!

Around the World in 80 Songs: Drum Trapezoid by Rico Tymbale

Hello travelers! Are you ready for a new adventure? Let’s take a journey through time!

Did you know that drums are among the oldest musical instruments known?

In the past, drums were used as a mean of communication. In Africa, for example, people used drums to imitate the spoken language and communicate over long distances.

Similarly, drums were used in Sri Lanka as a way to convey messages between the state and the community.

Fast forward a few thousand years to the year 2011, where drums are used to produce the coolest and most interesting musical compositions.

Specifically, I am talking about OurStage artist Eric Canchola, also known as Rico Tymbale, a name that could potentially translate as a tasty percussion instrument.

Eric Canchola is a drummer and solo recording artist that uses a variety of sounds and techniques to create complex compositions that are both unique and beautiful. Perhaps one of Canchola’s most interesting pieces is Drum Trapezoid a magical percussion ensemble in a drum circle style where Canchola plays all of the instruments.

Play Drum Trapezoid and you’ll see why this song made it into the Top Ten Latin charts back in November. The piece is not only fun and playful but also artful in some sense. It takes some serious mastering of the drums to produce such interesting and well-performed coordination of sounds.

Let’s face it. There is no other musical instrument that can place us in an ancient and exotic land as quickly or as marvelously as the drums, especially when Rico Tymbale plays them. Stay tuned for our next adventure. Bon Voyage!