The One-Man Show

Alex Boliver

You don’t have to have Timbaland or David Guetta at your elbow to produce something fit for mass consumption. In fact, you don’t even need a professional studio ¦ or a band ¦ or even a practice space. Alex Boliver is doing just fine in his bedroom. Starting with an old computer and a dial-up modem, the Dallas-based singer-songwriter upgraded his recording equipment and released Wonderful Life”a collection of wistful, textured melodies. Boliver plays everything himself, from keys to axe (the kid’s not afraid of a guitar solo, either) but probably his most developed instrument is his voice”limber, emotive and full of longing. Victim of Us starts with a staccato pulse of piano, transitioning into bold, spacey textures on the chorus. At heart, Boliver’s a songwriter cut from the same cloth as Jason Mraz”delivering rhythmic melodies and sailing, falsetto vocals. The bluesy strut of Take A Breath shows he can play straightforward tune, while the percolating, chirruping synths of If I Gave You My Heart showcases Boliver’s love of layers”the more the merrier. If I move on to greater things, would you come with me? he asks. With a little finesse on the mixing and mastering, we’ve gotta say yes. Yes we would.