Hopeless Records Launches IndieGoGo

Hopeless RecordsWhen you hear that a well-known label has launched a crowdfunding campaign, it’s tough not to feel skeptical. But trust us, this one is for a good cause”and it has some pretty awesome pledge rewards.

Hopeless Records‘ nonprofit subsidiary, Sub City Records (get it?) is working with New Directions For Youth in Los Angeles, to build Sub City Studios. The nonprofit  will educate teens about various instruments, as well as teaching them the ins and outs of recording, producing, and marketing. Besides the nice feeling you’ll get from helping out a great cause, the label is offering a ton of great rewards including signed and rare merch from Yellowcard, Taking Back Sunday, and Bayside, to a writing session with Bert McCracken of The Used, and meet and greets with All Time Low and Silverstein. Check out the campaign’s video below, and pledge here. (more…)

All Time Low Perform "Backseat Serenade" Acoustic

Pop punk act All Time Low is currently headlining the ‘Spring Fever’ Tour with Pierce The Veil and Young Statues. When not standing on stage in front of large venues and small arenas, the guys in ATL like to perform intimate acoustic sets for fans, and one such performance has found its way online.

Recently, frontman Alex Gaskarth and crew was captured performing a simple rendition of the deep album cut “Backseat Serenade.” While the video itself is less than desired, the audio captured is pristine and deserving of your time. Click below and enjoy a pop punk ballad.

Pro-Tip: If you see something awesome happening at a concert and feel the need to grab your phone, turn it horizontal. Vertical video looks weird. (more…)

Bomb Threat Temporarily Stops 'Spring Fever' Tour

According to a slew of tweets from fans and crew members at the Philadelphia stop of the ‘Spring Fever tour last night, a bomb threat temporarily halted last night’s events.

Details are still coming in, but from what we have been able to confirm a bomb threat was called into The Electric Factory in Philadelphia amidst last night’s performance of the ‘Spring Fever’ tour featuring All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, and You Me At Six. Though no one was injured and the show was eventually allowed to go on, things were stopped temporarily while authorities looked into the legitimacy of the allegations. You can view a series of tweets from one crew members on the tour explaining the situation below.

Bombs threats are, obviously, no joke. If you ever find yourself at a concert or festival when such threats are called in, follow instructions and comply with the requests of organizers. Panic in these situations can turn nothing into something quickly, and no one deserves to have a concert turn into a terrible memory, (more…)

All Time Low, Pierce The Veil Announce Tour With Mayday Parade, You Me At Six

After rumors of a monster tour that would include All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Mayday Parade and You Me At Six have made the rounds on various sites and message boards, the news has finally been confirmed. The four bands will hit the road for a two month North American tour beginning April 11.

“This tour was a long time in the making for all of us,” said Pierce The Veil lead singer Vic Fuentes. “All of the bands have crossed paths over the years at festivals and random shows, but we’ve never been together in one place at the same time, on the same stage. We are all long time friends and we cannot wait for the inevitable chaos that will ensue on the Spring Fever Tour.”

You can order pre-sale tickets right here and find a full list of dates after the jump. (more…)

Soundtrax: Ringing In The New Year


Soundtrax: Ringing In The New Year by OurStage on Grooveshark




It’s time to ring in the new year! 2012 has just about come to a close, and though it was a year that brought us everything from the sensational  “Call Me Maybe,” to new Taylor Swift videos, we’re ready to welcome 2013 with a fistful of brand new tunes. Check out this party playlist of must-haves for any New Year’s Eve and get dancing.

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All Time Low Stream ‘Don’t Panic’ In Full

A few days ago we brought you the stream of All Time Low‘s latest single, Outlines. Today, we’re upping the ante by presenting you with a full stream of Don’t Panic.

Although the album’s scheduled release isn’t until Oct. 9, All Time Low decided to let the world in on what many are calling their best album to date a little early. You can check out the album stream, complete with animation and lyrics, below.

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All Time Low Release "Outlines"

All Time Low have perfected the art of teasing fans, slowly releasing one song after another, all leading up to the much anticipated reveal of Don’t Panic on Oct. 9. So it should come as no surprise to hear they’ve done it again with their latest surprise, Outlines.

While the road was bumpy with the release of Dirty Work and fans seemed to pine for more of the Nothing Personal days, All Time Low’s sound has bounced back and Outlines shows the band’s evolution while still capturing that carefree, youthful, reckless, spirit that fans seem to crave.

Featuring Jason Vena of Acceptance and co-written with Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy), Outlines is tried and true All Time Low jamming about parties, living in the moment and being a legend, of course.

Listen to Outlines here.

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Exclusive Q and A: Yellowcard Open Up About 'Southern Air' And Being Warped Tour Veterans

OurStage Exclusive InterviewsReleasing three albums in just 18 months sounds like an exhausting endeavor, but you wouldn’t know it from the looks of Yellowcard at their recent Vans Warped Tour dates. The band is as full of energy as they were back during the early 2000s, and are gearing up for the release of their newest studio album Southern Air. We sat down with guitarist Ryan Mendez at their Mansfield, Mass. Warped Tour stop to talk about his early days on the tour, the writing process for the new record, and the album’s one big guest appearance that didn’t make the final cut.

OS: It’s the band’s 5th time on Warped Tour.  What’s different this time around?

RM: Well, I did the tour in ’02 and ’04 with my old band when we were traveling in a van, and it was just the most bottom-of-the-barrel experience of paying your dues on Warped Tour. Now, with us being at the level that we’re at, and me being a part of Yellowcard, it couldn’t be any more different for me. We did about half of the tour in ’07, and that was awesome too, but we were in kind of a tough time as a band then, and we were having issues with our bass player, who ended up leaving the band later in the year. It was just not the right mental page for us to be on, but now everybody’s doing great, we’ve got a new record coming out, and the tour has been awesome. Warped just treats us so well, and we’ve been having a great time.

OS: Yeah, the reception at your show today was awesome

RM: I think it was probably the best show of the tour for us. Before that, I think Chicago was the best show, but this might have taken it’s place!


Get Lyrical: Stranger In Arms' "It's Been A Mess Since New Years"

Oh, Internet. You just have no shortage of sass. Like the comment “I think All Time Low has this covered,” left by one snarky OurStage user on Stranger In Arms‘ song “It’s Been A Mess Since New Years.” Hey, we like All Time Low! If Stranger in Arms wanted to jack their sound, we wouldn’t be too upset. But the thing is, while this New York five-piece’s rowdy pop-punk is occasionally reminiscent of artists like ATL or Cartel, they set themselves apart with tight hooks and smart lyricism. So here’s a little breakdown of what you can expect from “It’s Been A Mess Since New Years.” You can decide for yourselves if it’s already been covered.

From the outset, it’s made clear that this song is one of betrayal. Hey, what lies you telling now/And as they spill from your mouth/Do you feel it all the same? The band further sets the scene with the lines, Tonight is cold, and I’m a ghost/This lack of love inside won’t go/Oh, no. Uh oh. Sounds like frontman Jarett Mittroni is about to tell us a sad story, and that becomes clearer in the song’s second stanza. “Time waits, impatient lovers stray/Lacking all the strength to break down barriers alike.” Ahh, so there it is. This is a song of straying lovers. But it sounds to us like “It’s Been A Mess Since New Years” isn’t about being betrayed by a girl. Instead, Mittroni sings “Now I compromise my morals for my goals.” Hold on there”is this a confession? It sure starts to sound like it, as he wraps up each chorus with a desperate, “It takes a lot to leave/and in my heart it does this evil/Honesty, forgive me.” We’re not sure, but despite the earlier accusations of lies it sounds like our narrator could be the cheater in this scenario.

The ambiguity of the song is almost a plus, because regardless of who cheated on whom, the important thing is that the themes of betrayal and forgiveness are delivered by Mittroni’s soaring, pitch-perfect voice and sandwiched between meaty guitars relentless cymbal crashes. You can check it out below, because  it’s good for a listen even if you aren’t too thrilled with its characters’ questionable morals.

Have an interesting story behind your lyrics? Let us know at pr@ourstage.com!

Q&A With Yellowcard

Yellowcard surprised everyone in April of 2008, when vocalist Ryan Key announced that the band was planning an indefinite hiatus. Citing a need to face adulthood and figure out their personal lives, Key said that the band could be disbanded for up to ten years, and added that he didn’t know if they’d ever make another record.

Luckily, Yellowcard fans didn’t have to wait too long. The band is back in 2011 with a new album, When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes, as well as a slew of tour dates across the world. We caught up with violinist Sean Mackin to find out about the hiatus, the new album, and why Yellowcard has the greatest fans in the world.

OS: So how is everything going for Yellowcard post-hiatus? Have you been able to jump right back into a rhythm?

SM: It’s been amazing. It has been strangely like riding a bike. This chapter of Yellowcard is really exciting for us because we didn’t know when we’d be able to pick it back up, and everything has worked out amazing, from working with Neil Avron on the record that just came out (When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes) to all the shows in Japan. We’re in the United States now, but we did a quick world tour. We literally went around the planet, starting in Japan to the Phillipines and Moscow and Finland where we’d never been. And then we met up with All Time Low, who’s an absolute juggernaut right now, they’re amazing, and went all through the UK. And now we’re a weekend in the States, and it’s just so much fun. We’re hanging out with everyone every night. It’s just a really cool moment for Yellowcard.

OS: When the hiatus was announced, Ryan [Key, vocals] said that it could be for a year, 10 years or 6 months. How did you determine when the time was right to reunite?

SM: It wasn’t really a conscious effort. I think LP [drums] just reached out to Ryan [Key, vocals] and myself. Longineau gets a lot of credit for kind of being like, Hey guys, want to do a new record? And it kind of just evolved as we started peeling the layers off ”what label, what time frame, what producer”it was almost like fate. It was just meant to be, because it came together so effortlessly. It was amazing. So we were like, Okay, we have to look at a couple different things and make sure we can afford to do this. Hopeless Records has been a big part of that, putting the album out. We had a great relationship with our previous label, but Hopeless has been a perfect partner. It feels like Yellowcard’s the only band on their label, and they’re helping us out. You caught me at a really positive moment in our life right now. We’re all smiles in the camp.

OS: This was the first album you released on Hopeless Records, how did it feel to return to an indie label after your years with Capitol?

SM: It’s been really easy. I think it’s also different, because with the music industry right now, there’s all these social outlets. There’s always the Internet and stuff, but it’s amazing how far-reaching Facebook and Twitter and all these media outlets are. We’re almost doing a lot of the marketing ourselves, and a lot of the things that the record label used to do. So you need less people. And a lot of people know about Yellowcard now thanks to our previous label, so we’re in a position we’ve never been in before. We wanted to go into the studio and make a great record and this is a great snapshot for us because it’s the best version of Yellowcard we’ve ever had. We’re really focused about having good songs and entertaining our fans and really, the moment of appreciation for it. And Hopeless understands that. They’re not in our way, they’re not stepping on our feet. We hear a lot of horror stories of how record labels and bands don’t get along. Throughout our career, we’ve been very fortunate that we’ve never had that. A lot of credit goes to Hopeless right now for continuing that trend for us.

OS: Was your recording process any different after taking some time off?

SM: Well, yes and no. The time off was actually really similar to how we wrote One for the Kids and Ocean Avenue. It was so much pulled from as an influence and an inspiration, and I think you can hear that energy in the music. I’ve been referring to it as a rejuvenating effect. And it’s really awesome to have that. Everyone always says, You have your whole life to write your first record, you only get six months to write your second. So with When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes being released right now after a couple years off, we had another batch of life. We’ve always written with our hearts on our sleeves, so it’s really nice to have that again. And with the actual process, the only difference was we lived a little further and it was a little more condensed. Usually we take two months to write the record and work with Neil to do the songs, and usually we take another two months to record. And in this case, the exciting part was emailing the songs and trying to visit Ryan Mendez [guitar] in Phoenix and Ryan coming up to see me in Seattle. So that was really exciting, as a new style. But again, when we were in the band room, we had that riding a bicycle thing. So that was a really cool part of this process for us.

OS: We’re never sure how much we can trust what we read on the Internet, but some sites are reporting that your favorite song on When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes is Be The Young. Is that the case?

SM: Yeah, I have a couple different ones. I really like Be The Young. I feel like Ryan… it’s great to be in a band with such a great poet and narrator and frontman and singer. And I think musically I’ve mentioned Keep Me Smiling. The last two songs on the record are really close to me.

OS: So if those were your favorites, why did you guys go with For You and Your Denial as the first single?

SM: I mean, I was totally excited when we went with For You and Your Denial. It had a working title of Violin Intro, and in ten years that’s the most violin we have on any of our songs. So it’s really flattering that we went with that. And it just picked up traction. It was just supposed to be an online teaser, like a leaked song, and people really embraced it like a full-blown single. We don’t really have the coverage or anything like that. Even the video, our director was gonna do a video for Hang it Up, and he said, Oh yeah, I’ll shoot some footage for ˜You and Your Denial’ and we’ll kind of put stuff together. It was never supposed to be on TV, and that’s why you never see our faces at the peak of the comeback, or whatever. People really embraced it. It was a pretty unbelievable moment, to watch it pick up traction like that and go, Oh my gosh, we have the best fans ever.

OS: Did you ever think growing up as you played the violin that some day you’d play it in a rock band?

SM: No, not once. I never wanted to be in a band, either. We went to the art school in Jacksonville, Douglas Anderson, which was a great experience for me. I met wonderful artists and musicians, I just really liked playing violin as opposed to guitar. So the guys started a punk rock band, and we were all buddies. My Mom actually was like, “You’re gonna get in trouble. You’re hanging out with the wrong kids.” I was like, “Mom, I’m a good kid. I know what I’m doing.” It was a lot of fun, but never once did I think” you know, I thought I was going to be a music teacher or and engineer or something like that. I never thought I’d be in a band. It’s a nice evolution of life, where it takes you and where you end up. I’m very fortunate to be in Yellowcard.

OS: So you guys are touring with All Time Low through May, do you have any plans after that? Are you going to take some more time off?

SM: We actually get, I think it’s like 10, 12 days off, and then we’re booked this year all the way through Christmas. We love it here, but we kind of neglected the international fans and so we’re going to go back to Southeast Asia at some point, we’re going to go to South America, we have to go to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and I’d love to go to Japan and the UK one more time before the year’s over. And we’ll probably fit in some headlining in the US. So we have a very busy year, and we hope to have a very busy 2012. We’re just very lucky that we have the best fans.

Check out When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes here, and don’t miss Yellowcard on tour!