Press Shuffle: Thanksgiving Edition

Halloween has its fair share of spooky tracks and ghastly anthems. Christmas not only has carols, but also offers dozens of best-selling albums from the likes of Mariah Carey and Louis Armstrong. As the holiday sandwiched between the Halloween and Christmas celebrations, Thanksgiving can be easily overlooked when it comes to music. Thankfully, we’re here to give it the proper recognition it deserves. With a little of everything, this playlist is sure to get you in the Thanksgiving spirit.

Hap-Happy Thanksgiving” – Sara Lindsay and Greg Dolmage: A song about the magic of Thanksgiving. Just hearing that list of food should be enough to make you hungry!

Food Is Fun” – Dave Taylor: Simply put: “A warning of the things you shouldn’t do with food.” Or should you?

Chocolate” – Amy Kuney: Oh, the power of chocolate.

November” – Jesse Lafaser: The crisp wind is blowing, the leaves are turning, the merry holiday spirit in the air… what’s there not to like about November?

Dear Sister, Your Brother” – Talain Rayne: Thanksgiving is the time to see your family again: why not make a point of reconnecting with a sibling or cousin which you haven’t talked to in a while?

Thankyou Haters” – Khalil Ismail: Now that you’re giving thanks, make sure you don’t leave anyone out. Haters make you famous.

Way Too Expensive” – Murali Coryell: Which is why you need to start getting ready for Black Friday shopping, right?

Have any tunes in particular that you care to share? Disagree with any of the picks? Want a theme in particular to be Shuffled? Let us know by dropping a comment!

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They Shook Our Nerves And Rattled Our Brains…

The OurStage “Kick Up The Keys” Competition launched headfirst from the gates, ready to out the slickest ivory ticklers the world has ever seen. The tunes were so good, we couldn’t quite contain ourselves. As a result, this month’s theme playlist the largest we’ve ever made. Sixteen tracks fit to shake the nerves and rattle the brains of Jerry Lee Lewis himself are all yours for the taking. We sure you hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Cheers.

1. Amy Kuney “ “Appreciate Your Hands”
2. Bella Ruse “ “Gumption & Guts”
3. Brad Fitch “ “Worst Holiday”
4. Elise Lieberth “ “Bicycle (You Never Forget)”
5. The Getaway “ “The Wolf (Need You Here)”
6. Green To Think – “Prisoner Of War”
7. IV Elmendorf “ “It’s Over”
8. Jenn Cristy “ “You Don’t Know”
9. Jesi Kettering “ “I Fell In Love”
10. Joy Ike “ “Eat It All Up”
11. Julie Slonecki “ “More Than Space”
12. Parachute Musical “ “Back To Life”
13. Sheila Star “ “Keeps Me Alive”
14. Ty Mayfield “ “19 To 2”
15. The Working Hour “ “Stay Here”
16. Andrew Varner “ “Autumn Leaves”

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Amy Kuney To Gain Industry Insight From Vet Rob Stevenson

It’s safe to say Premium Members seriously brought the heat in the August Artist Access Competition. With a mentoring session with A&R icon Rob Stevenson at stake, how could they not? His stellar industry track record includes breaking bands like The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Sum 41 and Saliva as well as helping further the careers of Katy Perry, Decemberists, 30 Seconds to Mars and Beastie Boys. The tracks were epic, the battles hard fought and now that the dust has settled, only one artist remains.

Meet Amy Kuney, an on-the-rise SoCal singer-songwriter fit to take the stadium pop scene by storm. If you’ve got a hankering for big hooks and driving beats with a touch of female folk, Kuney will be happy to oblige. Her track “Gasoline Rainbows” earned her some real talk with Rob Stevenson and we’re pumped to see how he lends his years of experience to her already promising career.

Scope the below playlist for more of her tracks.

Ernie Ball Winner Amy Kuney Is Making Waves And Taking Names

Amy Kuney
is a name on the rise. Her tracks”recently rocketed to the millions in the indie thriller flick Catfish and the FOX smash reality show So You Think You Can Dance”are making waves across the board.

What is it about Kuney’s sound that makes her so irresistible? The timbre of her voice tells a story, delivering delicate melodies with arena anthem authority topped off by hooks that stay with you well past the final chord.

“Gasoline Rainbows” is no exception to this standard and one of the many reasons the song landed Kuney the Ernie Ball Grand Prize in the July Singer-Songwriter (Female) Channel on OurStage. The prize? A year’s supply of strings and accessories courtesy of Ernie Ball.

Yesterday we caught up with Amy on Twitter (hope you’re following @OurStage) to chat about her win and her new album… all in 140 characters or less.

The Latest From OurStage's Greatest

With hundreds of thousands of artists making up the OurStage community, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the latest cool happening with our favorite musicians. Luckily, we subscribe to hundreds of OurStagers’ newsletters and email updates so we can always be there to lend a hand or a congratulatory high five. Consider this post a fist pump, thumbs up, ass slap, whatever you will, to these artists for their continuing hustle. Stay awesome.

You may remember the alt hip hop group OMG from their cooler than cool showing in the Coors Light Search for the Coldest Competition, where they froze out competition to become finalists and opened for N.E.R.D. Now they’re heating things up with their latest single “Chase the Sun” released on August 3 from their upcoming debut LP Mr. Mars. The funky hip hop beats will put you in a block party mindset complete with warm tall boys, but the swaggy hip hop vocals will melt you down into a groovy puddle right on the pavement.

Some music is just written for heartache. But if you’re really looking to torture yourself, you’re gonna want the songs that were written from heartache. Chris Akinyemi delivers in “Aya Mi” (means My Heart in Yoruba) of his debut Autumn EP, a soft acoustic song about what sounded like a wrenching break up with his college girlfriend. Just as you’re about to slit your wrists, female harmonies and the slightest percussion accents are dropped in (4:20) for a revitalizing finish. Regardless of the inspiration for the song, Chris has the last laugh, as the “Aya Mi” music video will soon premiere on MTV.

Our DVR may be slightly backed up with the new episodes of Entourage (what? Sunday nights are busy!) but The Niceguys video for their new single “Ari Gold”, off their upcoming The James Kelley EP, is enough to remind us why we need to make a date with our remote, and soon. Spitting a take-no-prisoners philosophy, we want to bump the song while driving around cursing off our boss (hypothetically, of course!).  In the latest issue of Rolling Stone (p. 56)  Jeremy Piven insisted he really is a “nice guy”… maybe The Niceguys can make him one of their entourage.

Amy Kuney makes the kind of music that lends itself to pop culture and relevant going-ons. Her song “All Downhill From Here” made an appearance in the uber-creepy Catfish, a was-it-or-wasn’t-it documentary exploring online relationships. Most recently “Gasoline Rainbows” was used by So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Stacey Tookey to convey a wake up call in regards to growing environmental issues. Whether it’s intentional or not, Amy is certainly tuned in.

Being sick sucks. Being sick with food poisoning sucks even more. Being sick with pneumonia, food poisoning AND being in Germany probably sucks serious bratwurst. But Xoe Wise is bouncing back and getting ready to depart on a North American tour with Matt Ryd, hitting pretty much every major city and adding in five performances at Microsoft locations, who are sponsoring her. Look for our care package of TheraFlu in the mail, Xoe.

The New York Times, as they say, has all the news that’s fit to print. So it’s only fitting that Sarah Solovay popped up in the N.Y./Region section last month in an interview about her career as a seventeen-year-old musician juggling songwriting and prep school. Despite a respectable number of song placements in TV and film, “her biggest achievement was opening for [John] Mayer. Fans [judged] for her on, and on July 24, 2010, she took the stage in front of 18,000 people in Scranton, Pa.,” where our old friend music exec Bruce Tyler noticed and took special interest in her career. Taking the summer to work on her new album, it’s back to the stacks in the fall for Sarah.


Santa Monica's Amy Kuney Lands A Year's Supply Of Strings From Ernie Ball

Things are looking up for rising songstress Amy Kuney. First, she was featured in indie thriller film Catfish and recently on television hit So You Think You Can Dance. Now, she’s getting the hook-up from Ernie Ball with a year’s supply of strings and accessories for entering “Gasoline Rainbows” in the Singer-Songwriter (Female) Channel in July. Honestly, we can’t say we’re surprised. Amy’s irresistible hooks and vocals grab you and don’t let go. It’s no wonder the OurStage fans and Ernie Ball judges have a soft spot for her musical talents. Join us in congratulating Amy on her victory and check back for our interview with her in the coming weeks.

For more excellent tracks from OurStage’s songwriting sirens, check out the Ladies Love Cool Jams Competition. It’s stacked with the most promising female talent the web has to offer”we guarantee it.

Kuney Tunes: Amy Kuney's Successful YouTube Career

Don’t take this the wrong way, but Amy Kuney wants to poke your face.

The OurStage artist is the woman behind the mask in “Poke Ur Face,” a hilarious YouTube parody of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.” Kuney asked fans to send in videos of themselves poking people, then used them as part of the video for her song. “Poke Ur Face” is good for a lot of laughs, with lines like, “If you are ugly I will poke you with a stick/If I were Bruno I would poke you with my… foot.” “I love Lady Gaga,” Kuney says, “and it’s a humble and humorous homage to her.” Kuney’s parodies include a cover of Miley Cyrus’s “Obsessed,” which she renamed “Robsessed” and paired with a comical video. (We don’t want to give too much away, but the video features a blowup doll with Robert Pattison’s face and is definitely worth checking out.) However, many of the videos she posts are serious covers and original songs. According to Kuney, YouTube has been hugely helpful in building her fanbase. “I’m able to sit in my bedroom, cover a song, and reach people from South Africa to Iceland,” she explains. “Almost everyone has access to the Internet, so YouTube just makes me available/accessible to everyone… without the burdensome cost of touring.”

She also gives props to OurStage for helping support her career. “I’ve gained so many fans by being on OurStage,” she says. “It’s a wonderful tool for independent musicians.”

Check out all of Amy’s videos on her YouTube page, where you can also suggest songs for her to cover or parody in the future!

Ernie Ball Is Open In 2011!

It’s officially 2011 everyone! Ernie Ball is helping OurStage kick off another awesome year by¦you guessed it, sponsoring more channels for a year’s supply of strings and accessories. The past year saw some incredible artists”including The Worsties, The Black Rabbits, Andrew Varner, Amy Kuney, A Vision Grotesque, Fiction Reform, Skyler and many more”snag free strings from the legendary string makers. In January, Ernie Ball is giving all artists in the Indie Rock Channel a shot at some free strings. All indie rockers are encouraged to enter their best original track by January 23rd for a shot at taking home this awesome prize. Judges, head to the Indie Rock Channel now and weigh in on who you think should win the Grand Prize. For official rules and competition information, click HERE.

Calling All Judges To The Modern Rock Channel

Over the past months, Ernie Ball has awarded a years’ supply of free strings away to OurStage artists from all walks of the musical spectrum.  The Black Rabbits, Skyler, and A Vision Grotesque have all taken home free strings simply by doing what they do best; making great music. This month Ernie Ball is giving modern rockers a shot at this incredible prize package, and the competition is heating up. During the last days of December, all the artists in the Modern Rock Channel will vye for the top spot and a chance to get hooked up with 52 sets of guitar strings, 12 sets of bass strings and swag from Ernie Ball. YOU can make a difference at this crucial point in the competition by judging in the channel to ensure the best music makes it to the top. Hurry over to the Modern Rock Channel now to judge before it’s too late. For official rules and competition information click HERE.

In past months, Ernie Ball has awarded a years’ supply of free strings away to artists from all walks of the musical spectrum on OurStage. Artists like Black Rabbits, Skyler, and A Vision Grotesque [AS1] have all taken home free strings simply by doing what they do best; making great music. This month Ernie Ball is giving the Modern Rockers a shot at this incredible prize package and the competition is heating up. During the last days of December, all the artists in the Modern Rock channel will be vying for the top spot and a chance to get hooked up with 52 sets of guitar strings, 12 sets of bass strings, and swag from Ernie Ball. YOU can make a difference at the end of the competition by judging in the channel, and ensuring the best music makes it to the top. Hurry over to the Modern Rock channel now and judge before it’s too late. For official rules and competition information click HERE. [AS2]

[AS1]Did you list these in last months blog? Include different artists in with a link to their profile if possible.

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Punk Rock Needs Your Vote In November!

Ernie Ball has given away strings to the likes of The Worsties, A Vision Grotesque, Andrew Varner and Amy Kuney in channels ranging from singer-songwriter to metal. This month, OurStage punk rockers are getting their chance to score a year’s supply of guitar and bass strings free from Ernie Ball. All that thrashing and riffing can put some serious strain on any pair of strings, and replacements don’t come cheap these days. In fact, the opportunity to take new strings off the shopping list for an entire year can make a serious difference for any up-and-coming artist. So if you consider yourself a punk rock connoisseur or a casual listener, head to the OurStage Punk Channel, vote for your favorite punk songs and discover some great new music on the way. The winner will be selected in December by judges at Ernie Ball and music experts at OurStage. To check out some of the heavyweights currently competing in the Punk Channel, hit up the playlist below.