Andrew W.K. Inks Deal To Publish 'The Party Bible'

Have you ever wanted to party hard, but worried you did not know the correct steps to take in order to achieve such high levels of awesomeness? For years, this issue has plagued men and women around the world, but now there is hope for a better, more fun future thanks to first-time author, Andrew W.K.

According to a story The AV Club ran yesterday afternoon, party rock madman Andrew W.K. has just signed a deal with Simon & Schuster to publish a book entitled The Party Bible in the near future. The release will be accompanied by an audio book to allow for party training on-the-go.

Michael Szczerban, W.K.’s editor, says the book will be an unforgettable voyage in search of truth, wisdom, and party bliss, and that, in it, every feeling will be permitted, every thought will become prophecy, and humanity’s surging life force will be harnessed and ridden into the abyss.

At this point there is no release date for The Party Bible, but W.K. did release a hilarious promotional video to help promote the news. You can view the video below. (more…)

Andrew W.K. Unveils "The Human Party Machine" Solo Tour

As concert ticket prices continue to climb to all time highs, it’s hard to know just what you’re going to get when shelling out handfuls of hard earned cash for musicians who may or may not live up to the excellent quality of their recorded materials. However, there is no question what you get when Andrew W.K. comes to town, and that is exactly what he hopes fans will want to see with his recently announced “Human Party Machine” solo tour.

Marking his first lengthy outing in recent memory, “The Human Party Machine” solo tour will find Andrew W.K. partying his way across the United States (and parts of Canada) this Spring. As the title suggest, Andrew will be bringing just a microphone, a keyboard, and according to the press release his will to survive as he brings his party to intimate club and bar settings around North America. (more…)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Announcing The Show Us Your Hits Mardi Gras Competition

Everybody knows that throwing the best party in town requires some serious dedication, especially when it comes to picking out the right tunes to keep the crowd dancing all night long. This is especially true on Mardi Gras, the biggest party day of the year. We’re willing to bet that come March 8th, you’ll be stocking your pockets with colorful beads, donning some ridiculous-looking masks and heading for a night of dancing and good times. That’s why, in honor of this year’s Mardi Gras celebration, we’ll be throwing a little party of our own.

OurStage is calling out all purveyors of the party song to the Show Us Your Hits Mardi Gras Competition. Do you have a song that you know will make the crowd jump to their feet and dance? We’re talking about the kind of tunes that made artists the likes of Andrew W. K., Lil’ John and Ke$ha legendary in the club scene. If so, this channel is right up your alley. At the end of March, OurStage editors will be combing the channel in search of the best songs to add to a special OurStage party playlist to be given away as a free gift to the OurStage community. Enter your song by March 22, 2011 so you aren’t tardy to the OurStage Mardi Gras party! For official rules and competition information, click HERE.

Festivus: Farewell Festival Season

August is closer to over than beginning, which means the same for summer, and this column. And while there are a few festivals left that dare to stretch their wings into the fall months”Austin City Limits and Bumbershoot will be tempting us in the coming weeks” its time to bid our friends on the road adieu and hope that acts touring through the winter will hold us over til spring once more. That said, festival season 2010 brought a lot of good times and memories, with thank yous to be said, apologies to be made and lessons to be learned in the process.

Yours Truly and HANSON at Bamboozle

So to start off, I’m sorry to the Internet Warrior, who asked me to bring him sunscreen from the car while at Bamboozle but I brought back hair gel instead. While I didn’t feel your pain, I could definitely see it in your bright red sunburn.

I’m sorry to one of our interns, who sprinted back and forth and battled out burly security guards by herself to get great shots of acts at SXSW. Though I’m not really sorry, because she was”after all”at SXSW.

I’m sorry to Andrew WK’s T-shirt at Warped Tour, which will not survive the strawberry smoothie that accosted it.

I’m sorry to the people of Toronto, who no doubt missed me terribly when I couldn’t attend the first OVO Festival with Drake because I didn’t have a valid passport. Customs are no joke, kids. And thank you to our Account Manager Alex, who went in my place and rocked it.

Trying to decide who to see at Bonnaroo

Thank you to the cop directing traffic in Mansfield, TN, who led us down a dirt access road that resulted in bypassing the hours of wait time on the highway shoulder waiting to get into Bonnaroo. And thank you to the kid directing cars once in the camp ground that resulted in a spot just minutes from the media tent, where I lugged my lap top every day.

Thank you to the wonderful ladies of OurStage who won opening spots on the Lilith festival, who displayed grace and appreciation when some dates were cancelled.

Thank you to the awesome folks at Converse who hooked up OurStage bands The Appreciation Post and Therefore I Am with sweet sneaks at the Journey’s Backyard BBQ (a mini-fest, but fest all the same).

Mayday Parade at Journey's Backyard BBQ

And thank you to all you crazy music fans who shared in our adventures. Festivals have no doubt changed and adapted in hard times and fluctuating music trends, but your passion keeps us all going. So rinse out your cooler, pack up your tent, put some aloe on that sunburn and we’ll see you next year!