Members Only: Premium Competitions Make Way For Premium Opportunities

In the music industry, it’s all about who you know”and OurStage knows a lot of people. Over the last month we’ve hooked up some great OurStage artists with just a few of the industry veterans that we rub shoulders with. Having a pro with years of professional experience in the music biz in your corner is pretty sweet.

Just last week Premium Competition Artist Access Winner Dusty the Robodrum performed for Bruce Tyler, a music exec with over twenty years experience working with big name musicians and consulting for major labels and producers. Afterwards Dusty got some quality one-on-one time, an experience that proved to be invaluable.

By being a Premium Member on OurStage, artists are granted exclusive access to all Premium Music Competitions, and in turn move one step closer to opportunities like July’s Premium Competition Artist Access Series. This month, Premium Members have a chance at a mentorship with Don Ienner, the man who helped further the careers of Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and dozens more. Sign up for a Premium Membership now and don’t miss another month of great exposure and opportunities.