South By So What?! Confirm Lineup

South By So What?!South By So What?! have confirmed their 2014 lineup, and it includes some pretty major changes. Several acts have been dropped such as, HRVRD, Upon a Burning Body, I The Mighty, and Wolves At The Gate. The new lineup will include A Lot Like Birds, ’68, From Indian Lakes, Betrayal, The Greenery, He Is Legend, Myka Relocate, Sylar, and Thick As Blood.

The bands join previously confirmed headliners Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Asking Alexandria, and August Burns Red. Catch the festival March 14-16 at Quiktrip Park in Grand Prairie, TX, and view the full lineup below. (more…)

Asking Alexandria, We Came As Romans, August Burns Red & More Announce Tour Dates

ASKING ALEXANDRIATalk about a mega tour! Asking Alexandria have announced North American tour dates this spring with August Burns Red, We Came As Romans, Crown The Empire, and Born Of Oasis on the “Break Down The Walls” tour. While exact dates haven’t been announced, fans can expect the tour to run from March to April, and according to Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce, the tour will sell out.

Speaking about the tour, Bruce says “America, we are coming for you. It’s been a while since we have seen your beautiful faces, but we are back this March with a line-up that takes us right back to our roots. This is the most dynamic package that we have ever put together and we can’t wait to come and play for you guys. Expect our biggest and best production, our longest set to date and more rock n’ roll antics and debauchery than ever before. Get your tickets ASAP as this shit will sell-out fast. come hang out with us. We will see you soon.”

Tickets go on sale Friday, December 20th at 10am PST.

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Asking Alexandria Reveal Fall Tour Dates

UK rockers Asking Alexandria are bringing their notorious road show back to North America this fall for a headlining run alongside All That Remains, Sevendust, For Today, and Emmure. The tour is the second of the fall for the band, following their upcoming run with rock legends Korn.

The latest outing from Asking Alexandria will see them stopping in over a dozen cities between October 25 and November 22. The tour is the first official headlining run for the band since the release of their new album From Death To Destiny, which hit stores in the beginning of August. You can view the full routing below.

Asking Alexandria have made headlines numerous times for their onstage antics, including everything from drunken rants about the state of music to epic mosh pits that leave concert goers feeling sore the next day. The heyday of ’80s hair metal is alive and well at these performances, and this tour is highly recommended to anyone who fondly recalls those glam days. You can view footage from previous performances at the end of this post. (more…)

Asking Alexandria Release "The Death Of Me" Video

UK metalcore favorites Asking Alexandria have released the official video for their new single, “The Death Of Me.”

A band known for pushing the envelope, both musically and visually, Asking Alexandria’s latest does not disappoint. Opening with vocalist Danny Worsnop ushering a young boy off the streets and into a seemingly empty building, the clip soon transitions to gorgeously shot performance video with set pieces inspired by the group’s upcoming album, From Death To Destiny. You can view the video at the end of this post.

Warning: The content in the video may be considered NSFW. Proceed with caution.

From Death To Destiny hits stores August 6. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on Asking Alexandria’s latest. (more…)

Asking Alexandria Debut "Killing You"

Just a day after releasing a full album preview, UK rock titans Asking Alexandria have released a full stream of a new single entitled “Killing You.”

Finding a balance between the breakdown-laden sound of their debut and the more mainstream rock sound of their later efforts, “Killing You” showcases an evolving Asking Alexandria reaching for their next plateau. The guitars press on with the same fervency as when the group began, but the familiar structure of “fast / fast / slow and low / slow and highs / clean hook / breakdown / clean hook over breakdown / repeat” has begun to feel a bit too familiar. You can stream the song below.

If I’m not mistaken, the final seconds of “Killing You” seem to lead in to whatever song will follow. Maybe when paired together the mixed bag of tricks offered in this song will feel genuine, but after a few initial listen it seems like Asking Alexandria may be headed toward the land of musical redundancy. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on their latest material. (more…)

Asking Alexandria Preview New Album

UK metalcore favorites Asking Alexandria have posted a full album preview of the upcoming record, From Death To Destiny.

Scheduled for release August 6 in the US (August 5 overseas), the latest album from Asking Alexandria has been kept under tight wraps since production finished in late spring. Though we’re only offered glimpses of the material, it’s clear Asking Alexandria are furthering their niche in the modern rock world by emphasizing their embrace of anthemic rock while staying true to their heavier roots. You can stream the preview below.

With no press allowed access prior to the street date, the video that follows may be fans’ only preview of From Death To Destiny. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the band’s latest efforts.


The Dillinger Escape Plan Sign To Sumerian – Teaser Video For New Album

Math-core metal monsters The Dillinger Escape Plan have found a new home. They have recently signed with Sumerian Records whose roster includes other heavy-hitters such as Born of Osiris, Stray From The Path, Asking Alexandria, and more. Dillinger plan to release their newest album in the spring of 2013 under Sumerian along with their imprint, Party Smasher Inc. Check out the teaser video below to remind you just how excited you should be for their next diabolical concoction of visceral mind-numbing carnage.

If you like The Dillinger Escape Plan, then you might also like OurStage’s own Draconic.

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Asking Alexandria Talk About A Third Album And Mayhem Festival Madness

After four years of international touring, chart topping albums, and self-destructive partying habits, British metalcore band Asking Alexandria have come a long way since leaving York, North Yorkshire in 2008. We caught up with the group to talk about their upcoming third studio album, the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, and the famously reckless lifestyle for which they’ve become notorious. OurStage also had the chance to see what they’re capable of at the Mansfield, Mass. stop on the Mayhem Fest. tour on Friday, Aug. 3, where they shared the stage with the likes of Mí¶torheadSlayer, and Slipknot.

Opening with their aptly-named “Welcome,” leading straight into “Closure,” AA set the mood early with heavy, thrashing amplification and very animated movement. The band unleashed the strong music and lyrics from Reckless and Relentless with “Breathless” and “A Lesson Never Learned,” saying: “Every mistake I’ve made leaves a scar that burns every day. Yet still I carry on” and “Please you have to help me. This is not my true face. If you could see my soul as I have seen my soul…I could show it to you. It’s rotten, it’s poison.” The group demonstrated their dynamic stage presence and energy throughout the show; with every member running to and from either end of the stage, and leaping from amp stacks, monitors, and platforms during “To The Stage” and “Dear Insanity.” So it’s no surprise that Asking Alexandria’s fervent synergy made for a strong sense of camaraderie that engaged the audience with every synchronized head bang.

The band closed their set with “Morte Et Dabo,” which translates from Latin as “Death, I will give you.” The song opens with epic drums and Gregorian chant-style vocals, leading quickly into a fast-paced, thunderous condemnation with the lyrics, “I’ll never bow to he who claims to be divine; I’ll tear down your gates with my bare fucking hands; And burn the world that you rule over.” As “Morte Et Dabo” fading out in epic stylewith bellowing drums and the sound of crashing wreckage, the hardcore quintet exited the stage, leaving the ruins of a brutal performance behind them.

During our interview, lead guitarist Ben Bruce told us about Asking Alexandria’s growth as a band through the years, how they always need to do things to stay busy, and what to prepare ourselves for on the third album.

OS: What was your writing process for the new album, and did that change or evolve since Reckless and Relentless?

BB: The fact that we tour so much makes writing a new album a pretty tough ordeal, so I actually bought a tour bus at the end of last year and built a full recording studio in the back of the bus. I spent most of our headline tour, Still Reckless, in my bus writing.


Metal Monday: It Lies Within Shedding Their Chrysalis

2012 is looking to be a pretty good year for the guys in It Lies Within. Having signed to Luxor Recordings late in 2011 and playing a lot of big shows in the midwest, they are on track to continue this touring trend. This summer they’ll be releasing Chrysalis, which will be their first release with the new label. And in terms of OurStage success, It Lies Within have also been doing consistently well in the metal and hard rock videos channels this year.

Musically comprised of catchy hooks, raucous breakdowns, and meaty riffs, It Lies Within make for a really fun listen. The first single from Chrysalis (“Home Is Where The Heart Is”) is a perfect summation of the sort of things It Lies Within bring in full force. They’ve played shows with bands like All That Remains, We Came As Romans, Times of Grace, War of Ages, Carnifex, Oceano, Within the Ruins, As They Sleep, Chiodos and Asking Alexandria”they’re a great fit with all of these bands, too. It’s time to hop aboard the bandwagon now and enjoy the sweet sounds of their metalcore music. Check out the video for “Home Is Where The Heart Is” below, then go buy some merch and/or the new album!

Punk Isn't Dead. It's Just… Different.

Once upon a time, people used to listen to this thing they called ˜punk rock’, and they would put safety pins in their noses, get funny haircuts, and advocate anarchy in the streets. Nihilistic rebels and apathetic outcasts lurked in the back alleys and dark basements of a few select cities for the better part of the ˜70s, all the while building an empire before anyone even knew it was happening. However, after a brief detour through new wave, post-punk alterations, this sudden uprise seemed to fade away as rapidly as it began. But where did punk rock go? Where are the mohawks, the plaid pants, and the wayward misfits of the golden years we all used to know and love? Have they been lost into the dark abyss of what used to be, never to be seen again?

Yes. Well, mostly, anyway. However tragic it may be that the traditional Punks and Skunks are no longer bombarding the music scene with stripped-down, chugging guitar breaks and monotone shouting, the punk rock nucleus still lives on. Despite what the old-school anarchy stalwarts may claim, punk is by no means dead. It’s alive and kicking, with more teenage angst bursting at the seams than ever before. It just looks a little different and, of course, depends on how you choose see it.

So where is it, you ask? It’s blowing up all over the mainstream rock scene. Bands like Four Year Strong, A Day To Remember, and Rise Against, who have all made appearances on the Billboard charts, are leading the way for the contemporary punk movement. Granted, these groups aren’t ˜punk’ in the traditional sense, but they’re the product of years of development and evolution as punk rock has absorbed different trends and influences over the years. (more…)