Big Boi And Andre 3000 Got Together This Weekend

OutKast May Reunite At Coachella 2014” we said. ‘Yes, we probably are,’ they said, by way of this awesome photo of Big Boi and André 3000 taken this past weekend in their hometown of Atlanta.

Still no announcements, and word is that any musical reunion is still months away, but this gives us hope. Hope for the future, hope for our times, hope for the children.

“Just leaving the old Stewart Ave…” Big Boi posted on his Instagram, adding: “#unfuckwittable.” Truly.

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Search For The Coldest Finalists Prepare To Battle In NYC

After months of intense judging and voting, the Coors Light® “Search For The Coldest” Competition has reached its final round, with just eight talented MCs preparing to go head“to“head in a randomly selected freestyle battle live in New York City on July 26.

Winners from the New Orleans, New York, National Video, and National Wildcard Channels will face the regional winners from Baltimore, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Charlotte. Check out the final eight below! When the dust settles onstage, a panel of music industry experts will judge the final performance and officially crown the nation’s coldest MC. Who will be victorious? Stay tuned to find out!

New Orleans


New York

Chris Akinyemi

National Video

Tarik Trotter

National Wildcard

The Lyrical Maze




LS Lane




Felony Fame


Search For The Coldest Semi Finalists Hit The Stage With Ice Cube In Baltimore

The Coors Light® “Search For The Coldest” Competition is entering the home stretch. Months of fierce competition have narrowed down the pack to 16 of the nation’s coldest semi-finalists who are ready to battle it out for the Grand Prize. Recently, Baltimore semi-finalists Harmony Muzik and KOVE took their game onstage alongside Ice Cube and special guest Wale to prove they’ve got the stuff to be crowned coldest. Check out the recap video of their performance below, and stay tuned for more vids fresh from Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Charlotte.

Search For The Coldest Semi-Finalists Announced – Vote Now For Your Favorite And Win Killer Prizes

The Coors Light® Search For the Coldest Competition is about to kick things up a notch. Are you ready? The many have been whittled down to the few”it’s time to meet the round four Semi-Finalists.

The following eight Semi-Finalists from the New Orleans, New York, National Video, and National Wildcard channels will continue to battle it out for your votes online at until July 10.

New Orleans

Boy Sykes



OS @ Warped Series: The Constellations

With summer right around the corner, we can’t help but be totally stoked for Warped Tour. In case you haven’t heard, we’ll be sponsoring our own stage for twenty-two dates and bringing twenty-three artists out to perform on it. Twenty-two acts will snag a performance at their local tour stop, and Dallas native Larry g(EE) will be rocking the stage at each and every date. In addition, there are a handful of other OurStage artists already booked to play various dates of the tour. We decided to catch up with them to get the scoop on their summer plans.

Bassist Wes Hoffman is one of eight members in The Constellations, an OurStage band with a plan for world domination. This eclectic Atlanta group mixes elements of R&B, indie rock, blues and electronica, creating music that pleases people of all ages and backgrounds. We caught up with Wes to talk about the Atlanta music scene, who comes to their shows and what it’s like to work with the one and only Cee-Lo Green.

OS: You guys have eight members in the band. How did all of you meet?

WH: We met in Atlanta, through various other projects…work…the Atlanta music scene is pretty small, everyone kind of bumps shoulders with everybody. Myself and Elijah [Jones, vocalist] were involved in other projects before The Constellations, so we met each other doing that. My project came to a sliding halt and I started getting involved with other stuff, like booking shows. Before I was a member of the band, I actually booked them a couple times. I was trying to get them on this one show and the guy that was playing bass at the time couldn’t do it because he was out of town with his other band. I offered to fill in and that was almost three years ago.

OS: Since your music spans a few genres, do you see a significant mix of people in the crowd at your shows?

WH: Parents come to the show with their kids and they’re both fans, believe it or not! [laughs] Some of the hip-hop/soul kids that are there for the rhythms, and then there’s hipsters, standing there with their arms crossed, and then there’s people dancing, having a good time. It’s totally across the board, as far as age goes, too…young kids to grown adults, which is cool.


Kid Vicious

Vicious Corleone

Before he became Vicious Corleone, Terance Williams was just a kid with a thing for Atlanta rap, who happened to have a dad with a thing for Queen, The Eagles and Journey. You can hear the convergence of those two schools in the rapper’s self-described Southern rebel music. Vicious mixes ˜90s hip hop with up-tempo, bass-heavy hooks and rock riffs”an intentional departure from both the dance hits and trap music that rule the Atlanta rap scene. On Shots Fired (Reload) snippets of sirens and 8-bit audio come in lashes, whipping up the audience. M.P.B. (that’s Music, Party, Bullshit) combines scraps of different beats, over which Vicious delivers his manifesto: We don’t want to be doctors or lawyers / We ain’t Huxtables. But don’t think that the rapper doesn’t have ambition. In 100 Miles and Running he sets his sights high, saying, I’d settle for Kelly Rowland / Ms. Knowles is taken. Atta boy.

Let The Search For The Coldest Begin…

For the second year in a row, OurStage and Coors Light are teaming up to find the coldest MC in the game. Think you have what it takes? Then the Coors Light® “Search for the Coldest” Competition is for you.

All solo hip hop artists (that are at least twenty-one years old) are encouraged to enter their best original track into the Coors Light® “Search for the Coldest Competition Channels (New Orleans, New York, National Wildcard, Video, Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte or Philadelphia). Eight semi-finalists will be chosen by the OurStage fans and the competition judges to perform in New York City at a finale hosted by Ice Cube, with one Grand Prize Winner going home with their song featured on Coors Light® “Search For The Coldest” mixtape, as well as a track produced by DJ Drama, and $10,000 worth of studio time. If you want a shot at this awesome opportunity, enter your best original track by May 15, 2012.


Metal Monday: Tetrarch Hunters Of Success

For someone who likes metal, is there anything more satisfying than listening to a band that can only be classified as “pure metal” and nothing more? The answer is no, not really. Luckily, Atlanta-based OurStage metallers Tetrarch are ready meet our expectations. What makes them so metal, you ask? Thrashing riffs, huge vocal hooks, ripping solos, aggressive attitudesthe works. Tetrarch have been ripping it up in the Metal Channel since fall of 2011, with a couple Top 100 and three Top 40 three finishes. (more…)

In The Land of Honey

Honey Brown

Honey Brown hails from College Park, GA, just south of the ATL, and her music is infused with Southern culture. Blending R&B, soul, gospel and pop, Brown delivers rich and rhythmic melodies about anything from poverty to revelry and all points in between. Ghetto Story is a laid-back R&B jam with lushly layered vocals. Even though the subject’s heavy”life on the streets isn’t peaches and cream”Brown’s powerful vocals are a panacea for the pain. The mood gets lighter with Feelin Good, where quicksilver synths, the deep roll of bass, and a soulful chorus of voices sets the mood for a night out on the town. On Co-Star the Atlantan shows her cinematic side with lyrics like I’m your leading lady / I’m your Sharon Stone. You heard that, Mr. DeMille? Honey Brown is ready for her close up.

PyInfamous Hits The Stage With N.E.R.D. And PacDiv

Mississippi’s own PyInfamous won big this May thanks to the “Coors Light Search for the Coldest” Competition. With the effortless rhymes and chilled-out horns on his track “Bliss (Cooler Than This),” PyInfamous took the competition’s South Channel and earned an opening slot for hip hop heavyweights N.E.R.D. and PacDiv when their tour rolled through Atlanta. We caught up with PyInfamous after his performance to talk about the show, the song and his plans for winning the Grand Prize”a performance at ESSENCE® Music Festival in New Orleans!

OS: Why did you decide that Bliss (Cooler Than This) was the right song for you to enter in the “Coors Light Search for the Coldest” South Channel?

PI: The Bliss record has a universal feel to it. My homie Colin Dunbar from Canada did the beat, which is outstanding, and when Kerry Thomas came up with the singing piece on the hook, I knew it was phenomenal. The record had been done for a while, so I thought that I would see what everyone else thought about it, plus it seemed to work well with the theme of the contest.

OS: What are some ways you promoted the song and encouraged your fans to support it?

PI: Ironically enough, I didn’t promote the song at all. I’ve done well in the past in regular OurStage Channels with several Top 10 finishes, and I never really promoted the songs. Plus, I honestly figured that the type of music I make, being less commercial, wouldn’t do well in a national contest like this one, especially since it doesn’t sound like anything that’s currently getting burn on the radio.

OS: How did you react when you heard that your song was the winner of the South Channel?

PI: I didn’t really believe it. It didn’t really hit me until I got to Atlanta. I was definitely appreciative of OurStage, the fans, Coors Light and everyone else involved, but it took quite awhile for me to take it all in.

OS: What was the experience of opening for PacDiv and N.E.R.D. like?

PI: It was insane. I’ve done shows with large crowds before, but nothing with two national acts that were as popular as PacDiv and N.E.R.D. It was almost like I was splitting time being an artist and being a fan. Both PacDiv and N.E.R.D. absolutely killed it. I had never seen Pharrell live, and I was quite surprised by the way he rocked. I also have to shout out the crowd in Atlanta. They rocked extra hard with me, which was definitely a plus. It’s always great when the crowd is responsive and having a good time.

PyInfamous and PacDiv

I had only heard a little of PacDiv’s music, but what I heard was dope. I’ve been a fan of N.E.R.D.’s music for a while. I appreciate and respect the diversity in their music and their willingness to make the type of music they want to make, regardless of what is trending in the industry.

OS: How did you like playing in Atlanta? Have you played shows there before?

PI: Atlanta was extremely dope. I had rocked there a few years ago at Apache Café, but it’s been a while since I’ve been back to perform. The crowd was tremendous when I was on stage and afterward. I made my way through the crowd and talked to quite a few folks who said they felt the performance, which was good to hear.

OS: What was your favorite part of the experience?

PI: Performing. The best part of music is performing. I love interacting with the crowd”call and response, feeling their energy. There is nothing like it the world. And it’s always great when you have a chance to talk to folks after the show one-on-one to hear how they felt about the set.

OS: What are your plans for promoting yourself to earn that Grand Prize”a performance at ESSENCE® Music Festival in New Orleans?

PI: We have a couple of tricks up our sleeve for that, but I don’t want to ruin it for the fans. We will use a mix of traditional and nontraditional marketing methods though, all of which will be focused on engaging fans on a high level.

OS: What kind of impact do you think this will have on your career?

PI: That’s an interesting question. I don’t really know. I have seen other artists win contests and nothing happen, so I can’t say. I just plan to enjoy the moment and do everything I can to pull out a win. Whatever happens, I still plan to give the fans great music and great live performances, wherever those shows are.

OS: Any shout outs for the fans who voted for Bliss (Cooler Than This)?

PI: I would like to shout out to everyone who voted for the record and want to ask for your support again when voting resumes. I definitely want to shout out to the judges for selecting the record and all the folks who came out to the show in Atlanta or watched it on Ustream. We’re almost there! We just have to push toward the finish!

Check out highlights from the Atlanta show featuring PyInfamous, N.E.R.D. and PacDiv below and don’t forget to support your favorite artist when the Grand Prize judging begins June 10th!