Avion Roe Tease 3D Music Video

With countless artists working for so many years in the music industry, it’s hard to imagine there being many ‘firsts’ left to come, but OurStage members Avion Roe have found one to make their own. On September 30th, this Texas outfit will become the first unsigned band to release a 3D music video, and this afternoon we have your first glimpse at the footage.

Hospitals have served as the setting for many horror stories over the years, and it seem that is the case once more with Avion Roe’s upcoming video for “The Escape.” The teaser released this week reveals moments from a storyline about a man lost in what appears to be a rundown asylum spliced between well-edited performance footage and text announcing the video’s release. You can view the trailer below.

Avion Roe appeared on the OurStage.com stage during Van’s Warped Tour 2012. Since then, the guys have played dozens of regional shows while continuing to working on new material. They have yet to announce plans for their sophomore album, but we’ve been told fans should expect an update in the near future.

“The Escape” will debut on Idobi Radio September 30. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the footage. (more…)

Avion Roe Release "Skin Deep (Adderall)"

OS Members Avion Roe</strong have released a stream of their new single, “Skin Deep (Adderall).”

Serving as the first single to be released by the Texas rock act in 2013, “Skin Deep (Adderall)” walks the line between rock anthem and ballad with fine precision. The growth in the band’s songwriting, both lyrically and structurally, from their debut is undeniable here. Vocalist Evan Lester shines above the rest, with his soulful vocals traversing from near a whisper to an all-out belt of emotional power that few will be able to deny, but that’s not to say the band doesn’t hold their own. Much like Lester’s vocals, the instrumentation for “Skin Deep (Adderall)” knows few bounds. It takes a necessary backseat to the vocals early on, then slowly becomes more and more prominent until taking center stage during the piano-lead bridge, making for a wholly satisfying listening experience.

We never thought the sky was anything less than the limit for Avion Roe, and that continues to be the case with the release of “Skin Deep (Adderall).” If one band deserves to get signed in the alt-rock realm in 2013, it’s Avion Roe, and all the reasoning you need can be streamed below: (more…)

Stream Two New Tracks From My Chemical Romance's 'Conventional Weapons' Series

My Chemical Romance will continue their B-side saga with the release of the fourth installment of their Conventional Weapons series on January 8. The Conventional Weapons series of five 7″ vinyl, two-track singles compiles songs recorded in 2009, before the band recorded Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. If you can’t wait until next Tuesday, check out streams of the two latest songs below the jump.

If you like My Chemical Romance, check out OurStage artist Avion Roe.


REMINDER: Avion Roe Tweet & A Tomorrow Night

Texas rockers Avion Roe will be taking over the OurStage Twitter tomorrow night from 7-8pm Central Time to answer any and everything you want to know about their music, hobbies, tour plans, and hopes for the new year. To make even better, every fan who submits a question will be automatically entered to win a one-of-a-kind prize pack featuring limited edition merchandise and collectibles.

To participate in OurStage’s exclusive Tweet & A with Avion Roe you will need an active Twitter account and the ability to send messages from 6-8pm Central time tomorrow, December 4. We will announce when we’ve begun accepting questions, and the band will begin replying around 7pm. The winner of our giveaway will be announced the following day.

If you’re excited about this event, tell your friends! Use the social share buttons above, and tell everyone unfamiliar with the band to watch their video for “Who I Am” below:

EXCLUSIVE: Avion Roe Tweet & A Next Tuesday

If you took part in our recent Tweet & A with Jitta on the Track you were witness to the first of what is quickly going to become a recurring event here on OurStage. We’ve been listening to your requests, and from here on out we’ll be doing our best to connect you with your favorite artists, starting with a live Tweet & A with none other than Avion Roe next Tuesday!

Hailing from Texas, Avion Roe have spent the last few years cutting their teeth in the alternative scene. They spent a good portion of their Summer on our stage at Warped Tour, and are currently working on preparing new music for a 2013 release. The guys will be joining us next Tuesday, December 4, from 7-8pm Central Time to answer YOUR QUESTIONS. Even better, the band will be giving away an exclusive prize pack during the event, including a one-of-a-kind photo print, autographed t-shirt, and more! Everyone who submits a question through Twitter will be entered to win, so keep an eye on the official Ourstage Twitter for the Tweet & A announcement next week.

OS @ Warped Series: This Week On Warped Tour — Week 3

Hello OurStage!

This is Tour Manager James checking in from the Orlando, FL date of Van’s Warped Tour 2012. For the last month, I have been riding aboard the OurStage.com tour bus with Larry G(ee) and his band, as well as a few stage hands, and thought it might be a nice change of pace to shed some light on my day-to-day life here on the world’s largest traveling music festival.

Every morning, I rise around 7:00am and check with our driver (Jens) to learn about our arrival  time and whatever information he is able to offer about the venue. We arrive and I wake up Larry so he and I can begin promoting the day’s performance. We stroll the venue, setup merch, locate stages, promote on social networks, drink coffee, and sweat the equivalent of roughly two gallons of water before getting the day’s set times at 10am. Once that happens, the grounds become a rampage of managers and promo kids doing their best to get the word out about their act’s time. It’s hectic, it’s crazy, it’s Warped before gates.

Once the gates open, the real day can finally begin. The band and I regroup from our morning promotion then set off to promote within the gates until (and usually after) the performance. When Larry has somewhere to be, something gig-related to do, or when the band is in need, I’m there. When they perform, I’m there both as manager and photographer. On the rare occasion the day allows for me to have some time to explore the grounds, I do my best to catch as many sets as possible (most of which I’ve shared on the OS Warped Tumblr) and, if at all possible, shower.

Evening brings a cooler temperature, but our efforts never end before dark. I assist Larry and his band as needed, begin packing up our belongings, and do my best to catch a glimpse of the sunset before diving into some editing work on the day’s photos. It’s tiring, and most of the time you want to sleep for days on end, but the night Warped Tour crew BBQ keeps us up and lifts even the lowest spirits. It’s one of those rare moments when everyone from main stage to catering is really together, and not one has passed that’s let us down.

After all this, Larry, his band, the crew, and I return to the bus and exchange stories before bed. It’s a long, long day, but one you’re always excited to begin again in the morning.

I’ll be writing another entry next week highlighting my favorite moments of this tour, but for now, here are a few of my favorite images thus far:

The Constellations

Patent Pending


Larry g(EE)

Avion Roe


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Send Us Your Best Warped Tour Photo And You Could Win Free Concert Tickets!

We’ve had a wild month out on the Vans Warped Tour with Larry g(EE), Avion Roe, Junior Doctor and more awesome artists. We know you Warped Tour fans have been snapping photos of the artists from the OurStage.com Stage, and now it’s time to put those to good use!

We want photos that scream “OurStage at Warped Tour.” It could be a photo of an artist performing on the OurStage.com Stage, you meeting your favorite OurStage artist, you modeling your OurStage Warped Tour tee…get creative! To enter, email your best “OurStage at Warped Tour” photo (with your name) to socialmedia@ourstage.com by August 1st.

We’ll post your photos on our Facebook page with your name in the caption, and the photo with the most likes by August 8th will be named the winner. The photographer of the winning snapshot will win two tickets to a concert of their choosing (some limitations will apply) and a prize pack from OurStage, Rock Steady Drums and more!

Read the official rules here.

Here are some ideas to get you started. Good luck!

OS @ Warped Series: This Week On Warped Tour — Week 2

Colossal heat, tornadoes“this week serves as proof that NOTHING stops Warped Tour. After a much needed break, the OurStage.com Stage was back in action at the Darien, Scranton, Mansfield, and Camden stops of the tour, which included performances from regional winners Stateside, Jonas Sees In Color, The Organ Beats, and Mirk, Grand Prize Winner Larry g(EE), and national acts Junior Doctor, Patent Pending, Avion Roe and more.

Check out the week’s best Warped Tour moments, on and off the OurStage.com Stage, in our exclusive recap below. Make sure to check out ourstage.com/warped for the full Warped Tour scoop.


Patent Pending rocks big crowds in Burgettstown, PA

Boo! For tips on how best to repurpose your Edward Scissorhands halloween costume, consult Motionless In White

Phone Calls From Home crowd surf, bust out the water guns for Mansfield fans


OS @ Warped Series: This Week On Warped Tour — Week 1

It’s official: We’ve survived one week on the Vans Warped Tour…and we’re having a blast! Our national Warped Tour competition winner Larry g(EE) has been stopping people in their tracks with his energetic live performances, and the crowds have been left screaming for more. Plus, Junior Doctor, Avion Roe and the rest of the artists on the OurStage.com Stage artists are tearing up the stage every day.

Here’s a collection of our favorite photos from Warped Tour this week. Check out our official Tumblr blog for more photos, live videos, interviews and more, and share your photos with us on Twitter and Instagram by tagging them with #ourstagewarped. See you on the road!

Larry rocks out in Kansas (we need to get our hands on some of these tees!)

We love "hanging out" with Avion Roe