Backstreet Boys Announce 20th Anniversary Tour

In “new reasons to feel old” news this morning, Backstreet Boys have announced a 20th anniversary tour.

The In A World Like This tour kicks off August 2 in Chicago and will likely be the lead in to, or occur right after, the new BSB album drops. The tour will come to an end about a month later on September 8 in Concord, CA. Jesse McCartney and DJ Pauly D will be opening. Dates can be seen below.

Tickets go on sale on various days. Fan club members mark set your alarms for 7am local time on May 15, there’s a Facebook presale May 16 and then the rest go on sale May 17 and 18. More info can be found here. (more…)

Preview Six New Backstreet Boys Songs

One does not have to comb through the music world these days to know boy bands are still alive and well. After spending most of the 2000s being a relatively dormant, the genre the makes parents groan and tweens lose their minds made a full return in the last two years with the help of younger acts like One Direction, but that doesn’t mean the more legendary acts aren’t still kicking.

Backstreet Boys, who rose to prominence alongside *NSYNC at the end of the 90s, have never really stopped creating music. The lineup has undergone some minor changes, but the focus has stayed the same, and later this year the five piece will release another full length album. Six songs from that still untitled release are currently being teased online and they can now be streamed for your entertainment below.

There is still no release date for the Backstreet Boys’ new album, but all signs point to something hitting shelves by the end of Summer. Stay tuned for updates. (more…)

PSY’s K-Pop Invasion: The Continued Decline of Western Pop Courtesy of the East

As if A-Pop wasn’t bad enough already. Just when one might have thought that American pop, with all its auto-tuned voices and fake plastic beats, couldn’t possibly make the eyes and ears bleed more, it’s about to get worse. Nicki Minaj is set to bombard us with more of her overexposure via a series of reality specials on E!, her new gig as a 12th-season American Idol judge, and, of course, more music, while Britney Spears, of all vocally challenged singers, is already sitting in judgment of wannabe A-Pop idols on The X Factor.

And last but not least scary, Ke$ha’s back, and going by the early success of Die Young, the first single from her upcoming sophomore album Warrior (out November 30), she’s here to stay”at least for the time being. (more…)

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Sound and Vision: Is Gotye This Year's Foster the People?

Here today, gone today, one-hit wonders make the world of pop go round”but never for long.

The late ˜70s gave us a plethora of short-term disco stars who lived”and quickly died”by the groove, while the Tacos, the Kajagoogoos and the After the Fires of the early ˜80s, arrived wielding synthesizers and tressed for fifteen minutes and less of success. More recently, in 2005 and 2006, sensitive singer-songwriter guys Daniel Powter (Bad Day) and James Blunt (You’re Beautiful) helped usher out the pre-Rihanna/Katy Perry/Lady Gaga phase of pop.

In 2009, as a higher number of headlining newcomers than usual ascended to the summit (Lady Gaga, Jay Sean and Jason DeRülo, among them), at least one, Owl City”the act behind Fireflies”was bound to never fly anywhere near those heights again. And last year, with dance music dominating the airwaves more dramatically than it had since the aforementioned disco age, we got indie-pop with a beat for exactly one massive hit single, courtesy of Foster the People, who went all the way to No. 3 with Pumped Up Kicks.

Which of 2012’s first-timers so far are most likely to not still be succeeding by their next single? fun., the rock trio that recently spent six weeks at No. 1 with “We Are Young”? Or Gotye, who rode a quirky song and an even more oddball video all the way to the top?

At a quick glance, Gotye seems to have all of the trappings of a one-hit wonder. Interesting name that one might need a pronunciation key to get right? Check. Song that sounds unlike anything else on the radio? Check. A colorful video that jumps off the screen for reasons that have as much to do with the high concept as the song itself? Check.


I Can Feel The Music In Memes: Songs As Internet Video Sensations

YouTube and music have gone hand in hand for a while now, helping break new stars (Gotye), and giving music lovers one more place to stream poor quality versions of their favorite songs. But perhaps YouTube’s greatest contribution to the music industry all started with the Chinese Backstreet Boys and their hilarious rendition of “I Want It That Way,” the video that spawned a sensation.

Six and a half years later, YouTube is no longer just a teenager, but hilarious lip syncing videos can still win over the crowd. Another sports team has lip synced another top 40 gem and have become mini-superstars themselves.

We did a little round up of some of the best/funniest/most clever music-centric vids on the web, read on for the rest: