The Lone Star

Beaumont, Texas, got its big break”literally”in 1901 after a well struck oil and exploded, shooting nearly a million barrels of black gold into the air for nine days straight and kicking off the Texas oil boom. Now, 110 years later, FreeVerse is looking to explode out of Beaumont with the same unstoppable force. He may not have a million barrels of oil, but in C.E.O. the rapper claims to have a hundred million blessings, a hundred million curses ¦ I kill ˜em all ¦ a hundred million hearses. The swagger continues through I’m Fresh,”where FreeVerse emulates the languorous, mush-mouth delivery of Soulja Boy against compressed beats”and So Fly. On the latter, a love manifesto wrapped in a cartoony, croaking beat, FreeVerse promises his lady that together they could be bigger than Texas. Shooting high must be in his blood.

“I’m Fresh” – FreeVerse