Your Country's Right Here: Amelia White Creates "Beautiful and Wild" Musical Tribute

Amelia White didn’t set out to write an album that honored her mentor, much-loved musician Duane Jarvis, perhaps best known for co writing Still I Long For Your Kiss with Lucinda Williams.

Yet when fifty-one-year-old Jarvis died of cancer in 2009, White felt her songwriting muse take over.

I think it just comes naturally to me, said White of the songwriting. A lot of people learn to write because they sing and play; I learned to sing and play because I write.

Although the songs on Beautiful and Wild, White’s recently released fifth studio album, are beautifully written, there’s no denying that she and the players on the album”including John Jackson (Dylan, Shelby Lynn), Frank Swart (Patty Griffin) and Tim Carroll (Elizabeth Cook)”are first rate.