Beck Performs On 'The Tonight Show'

beck_hansen_0100Right after his recent North American tour announcement, Beck took to the stage of Jimmy Fallon‘s Tonight Show to perform “Waking Light” and “Say Goodbye,” which appeared as an online exclusive. Both tracks come off Beck’s recent album, Morning Phase, which we’ve raved about in one way or another over the past few months. I wasn’t sure those haunting melodies would necessarily translate well live, but this performance speaks for itself. Catch Beck on tour this spring, and watch both videos below.  (more…)

Beck Announces North American Tour Dates

beckWe’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’ve kind of been on a Beck kick lately. With all the incredible music he’s been releasing lately in conjunction with his newest album, Morning Phase, we really can’t help ourselves. Now, just weeks after dropping that album, Beck has announced a small (and we mean small) batch of dates this spring/summer. The tour will hit California, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts, Montreal, Toronto, and Detroit, before ending in New York on July 1st for SummerStage festival. Check out the dates below. (more…)

Beck Releases "Waking Light"

beckA few weeks back we brought you “Blue Moon,” the first single off Beck‘s new album, Morning Phase, and we kind of raved about it. With that kind of introduction, it’s no wonder fans (ourselves included) couldn’t wait to see what the next release would be. Today, we finally have it. The latest reveal, “Waking Light,” has that same air of ambiance that “Blue Moon” held, living up to its hype in every way as a beautiful, melodic, slightly psychedelic, yet incredibly intriguing track that has me hitting repeat more than a few times.

Is it February 25th yet? Because we really can’t wait for this album to drop. Check it out below.


Hear The First Single From Beck's New 'Morning Phase'

It’s been over a month since we published the track listing for Morning Phase, the first “proper” Beck album since 2008’s Modern Guilt, and today we finally have the first single, “Blue Moon.”

It’s truly an uplifting experience, full and ornate, but still unpretentious and simple. Lyrically, “Blue Moon” striked a dejected tone, but it remains hopeful, buoyed not least by the airiness of the melody and production. Now we’re really looking forward to the record.


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HBO's 'Girls' To Feature New Songs By Beck, Lily Allen, And More

GirlsHBO’s third season of Girls premiered last night, and with the new season will come a slew of new songs by Lily Allen, Jenny Lewis, and Miguel, along with a new Beck song that will debut prior to his upcoming album release.

“The Jenny Lewis [song] scores a very emotional moment that happens in the second episode,” explains music supervisor Manish Raval, “where the case is reunited with Jessa. I love the song, I love the moment, I love the last image of that moment. I think that’s my favorite spot of the season,” he said. “This season, a big chunk of an episode is based around a Harry Nilsson song. It’s something we haven’t done before … we have an episode this season that has an artist covering a Warren Zevon song. There isn’t anyone who we wouldn’t use. I think that’s the rule with this show; there should be no rules.”

Catch the new tunes Sundays at 10pm on HBO.

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Vampire Weekend Cover "Con Te Partirò"

Vampire WeekendSometimes bands get really creative and really bold in their covers. And if you ask me, that’s the way to do it. Take a song and make it your own; none of this relying on what the original artist has already perfected to coast you through to rave reviews. Taking the classic “Con te Partirí²” made famous by Andrea Bocelli, Vampire Weekend does exactly that.

“‘Con te Partirí²’ is one of the greatest love songs of all time,” frontman Ezra Koenig told Rolling Stone. “Its beauty transcends language. Thank you, Mr. Bocelli, for introducing us to this majestic gem.”

Check out the band’s revamped version here, and keep an eye out for Starbucks’ Sweetheart 2014 album, which will feature this and covers from Beck, Ben Harper, and more.

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Beck Covers John Lennon's "Love"

beck_hansen_0100If the last few weeks have been any indication, winter seems to be the season for cover songs. Between The Flaming Lips, The Joy Formidable, Ke$ha and more, there hasn’t been any shortage of classics getting a new lease on life. Beck‘s new cover of John Lennon‘s “Love” only cements that tradition. Made for Starbucks’ fifth compilation album, Sweetheart 2014, “Love,” originally from Lennon’s 1970 Plastic Ono Band album, sits alongside tracks by Vampire Weekend, ThaoThe Head and The Heart, and many more in an easy listening covers paradise. Check out the new song, along with the track listing below, and pick up Sweetheart 2014 beginning Feb. 4. (more…)

Beck Sued For Property Damage To 'Inglourious Basterds' Actor's Mansion

beck_hansen_0100It may be Beck‘s February release, Morning Phase, that’s been on everyone’s mind, but a recent story by TMZ is stirring up a new kind of buzz around Beck. TMZ is reporting that Beck is being sued for alleged damage and unauthorized changes to a mansion rented from Inglourious Basterds cast member, Til Schweiger from 2010-2013. The alleged damages include “substantial physical damage” which is said to total over $40,000. Schweiger, who played Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz in the 2009 Quentin Tarantino film and will appear in the upcoming Muppets Most Wanted, is suing Beck for damage repairs, along with unpaid back rent, for a total of $56,704.24. Beck states that the mansion already had problems when he moved in, from mold to electrical issues, and is suing Schweiger for an $11,000 security deposit.

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Beck's 'Morning Phase' Track Listing

Seems like Beck‘s recently disclosed spinal injury isn’t slowing him down any longer. His next album, Morning Phase, has been scheduled for release in February, and he’s just revealed the track listing for album, which is supposed to be less of an old-school jams record like Midnight Vultures and more along the lines of his singer-songwriter-y albums like Sea Change. We’ll take either one. Two of the forthcoming tracks, “Country Down” and “Blackbird Chain” were recorded in 2011 with Jack White. (h/t 405)


1. Morning
2. Heart Is a Drum
3. Say Goodbye
4. Waking Light
5. Unforgiven
6. Wave
7. Don’t Let It Go
8. Blackbird Chain
9. Evil Things
10. Blue Moon
11. Turn Away
12. Country Down

Enjoy a live performance of “Wave,” recorded with the LA Philharmonic Orchestra, after the jump, below.

Beck Blames Spinal Injury For Decreased Output

Beck‘s relatively diminished creative output in recent years is apparently the result of a serious spinal injury, according to a recent interview he gave to Argentine newspaper Página/12. As Rolling Stone points out, Beck hasn’t released a new album since 2008’s Modern Guilt, instead focusing on production for other artists, as well as unconventional projects like his Song Reader – a sheet-music-only release of 20 songs –  and his live take on David Bowie‘s “Sound + Vision,” a viral hit from early this year. 2013 also saw the low-key release of three singles, “Defriended,” I Won’t Be Long,” and “Gimme.”

“I had severe damage to my spine, but now it’s improving so I’m back in the music,” he said. “It was a long, long recovery. Lately, I concentrated on playing guitar. Do not think I can move again as before, although I can give a lot onstage.”

Beck’s next release is expected to be Morning Phase, a full-length album said to be in the vein of 2002’s somber Sea Change, slated for February 2014. Since 2008, he has apparently amassed quite a backlog of material that may or may not see the light of day.

In the meantime, if you haven’t heard the recent singles, listen below. “Defriended” is evokative of Radiohead’s cut-and-paste electro jams. “I Won’t Be Long” is like a lost, tight ’80s single. And “Gimme” is a xylophone-heavy mix between 1998’s underrated Mutations and, well, all of these other things.